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  1. Oh my God, they are so amazing! Great work! Amazing! Greek is a fantastic language! It totally fits!
  2. .blend is great! Great work by the way! It's amazing! Don't get me wrong, but I just think the attack could be more aggressive. To me it seems to be a little bit too harmless. edit: Oh my god! I love those idle animations, especially the second one! You are one amazing rigger/animator! Do you work in the gaming industry? edit2: Oh my god! I just love them! I love the running! I love each one of them!
  3. darn god-like work, historic_bruno! Do you think the performance with another distribtuion could be better? E.g. I am using Arch Linux instead of Raspian. I think it has lower overhead and less daemons running in background by default, as well as newer kernel, libraries and so on...what do you think?
  4. By the way, Rome Total War II is coming to Linux! Yeah!!!
  5. Sorry for doubleposting, but: What about all the latin names? (like: Calydnus, Bardyia, Cadmus, Polydorus, Pentheus,...) I can't think of any corresponding german name or something. Is it ok to just take over the orgiginal latin(/english?)? edit: Yes, you're right!
  6. Great! I also thought about that solution, but I wasn't sure. Thank you!
  7. I'm taking part in translating the game into german and I've got a question: Do we use the generic masculine? For instance: female citizen. I could use the generic masculine to translate it to "Weiblicher Bewohner" / "Weiblicher Dorfbewohner" / "Weiblicher Bürger" or I could use the female form like "Weibliche Bewohnerin" / "Weibliche Dorfbewohnerin" / "Weibliche Bürgerin". So what am I supposed to use? It's difficult to explain as there is no difference like this in the english language though... edit: With female form I mean the literal gender of the terms.
  8. Don't worry! There are no errors!
  9. By the way, I'm living in Germany close to the river Rhine where the limes once was (border wall of the romans to protect themselves against the 'barbarians').I just wanted to mention that the above picture is unrealistic: The women don't really look that good around here!
  10. If this works, that would be amazing news! Thank you very much for reminding, wraiti. This bug kept me away from eperimenting with the 0-A.D.-3d-models with Blender. Would be great to have that possibility without big issues like the collada-blender-integration one.
  11. I'm not deep into this topic, but I wonder whether it would be easier to save correctly without the plan-queue-system kind of thing. Is this a typical system/design/architecture that is used for Game AI? And/or would it even be replaceable? Not that I think this would be recommendable (gigantic amount of work) , of course! It's more like a question of academic interest.
  12. Oh man! She's beautiful! Where did you found her? o_O
  13. Incredible one! That's an amazing find! Everyone reading this topic: You HAVE to follow the link and have a look at their side! Very nice find, stwf!
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