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0 A.D. on YouTube


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0 A.D. has it's own YouTube gaming topic!


If you just want to watch some videos about 0 A.D. you can subscribe to that page.

If you create videos featuring 0 A.D. and you want them to show up on that page, be sure to:

include "0 A.D Empires Ascendant" in the title or the description or the tags and choose the correct game in the Gaming category of your video details. (Yes, the spelling does presumably matter) 

See these links for help on how to do it: Edit video settingsHow does my video show up on that page

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A new series of videos with Mario. I really need practice because it's quite hard to play, comment, talk about strategy and show you Mario's screen at the same time.

Some people might say that playing with Mario isn't really fair but the idea is to show you our strategies, and because he is one of the best I think it's good for viewers to see what Mario is doing. Also the fact that's a bit unfair matchups, it make the video not too long.

A few notes about this 1st Video:

Timing push: A timing push is a push at a timing that is going to give you the highest probability of winning a battle.
For example, when your enemy expands, he will invest resources into a structure and not troops, if you attack at this timing you have an army advantage.
Another example, you just finished an upgrade at the armoury, your enemy might get this upgrade in a few minutes. If you do nothing, the fact that you got the upgrade earlier won’t change anything, but if you attack right after your upgrade, there is a probability that your opponent doesn't have the upgrade yet.

In conclusion, a push at a perfect timing is called a timing push.

Team play: A 2v2 is not two 1v1, it is a team battle and you need to think and act as a team in order to win against the best players.
I know that my ally is going to do a timing push at 12 or 13min, I need to be ready to do something too at that timing. In this video I’m going to expand at this timing because I know that Mario is going to put pressure on the enemy and I’ll expand safely.

Always work as a team and your win rate will increase.

2nd Video:

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The third video of the series:

A few notes about what I tried to explain ^^:

Rushing: A rush is a fast push on phase 1. You sacrifice a bit of economy in order to get a larger army than your opponent early in the game.
Good point: If successful you’ll win the game fast
Bad point: If unsuccessful you’ll fall behind quickly
Countered by: Turtling

Turtling: Turtling is a defensive strategy that rely on walls, towers and fortress to defend against your opponent pushes.
Good point: Your city is protected by walls and tower, so when your “turtle” is over, you can focus on economy or harassing in mid game
Bad point: You’ll invest a lot in defensive structures, If your opponent doesn’t attack, you’ll invest for nothing…
Countered by: Booming

Booming: To boom is to focus on the early stage of the game into economy. That usually means that you’ll have a lot of women and economic upgrades sooner than your opponent.

Good point: You’ll have an amazing economy on mid game
Bad point: If you get pressured early in the game, will be difficult to counter
Countered by: Rushing

How to react against a double rush? So, you are playing a 2v2, you are still on phase 1 and at 8min you have two enemies in your city, what do you do?

Firstly you need to evaluate the forces of your enemies; is it going to be enough to destroy your CC? If yes, you need to call for help, in a 2v2, the one under attack should be the one making the calls (because he is the one how knows if he can defend or not, not your ally).
While your ally is coming to help you, try to win as much time as you can, repair your CC, garrison some troops, make the enemy follows your villagers etc…

If you know that you can defend your CC (Even if you lose your army): Tell your ally to counter attack directly in the enemy base!

On phase 1, if you lose your CC, you cannot rebuilt it so the most important thing is to know if yes or no your CC will go down.

About playstyle:

On the first part of the game, Mario and I are playing aggressive/active, that means that we are pushing and looking for a direct army clash. We focus on taking a military advantage early in the game and win the game with troups

Aggressive/passive: On the second part of the game, and because Mr.Parrot had an excellent defense, we changed our playstyle and went for aggressive/passive. The idea is to win by making your enemy suffocating inside his own base. You build CC next to his base, add some tower, put units into these buildings and slowly taking his territory until you feel you can go and finish your opponent. It's probably the best way to play against someone who's turtling.

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Yes it's really good, actually I think that if it was on the main game I would main the chinese civ.

Some time ago they planned to do so. But only when the main game would be finished. Therefore I'm saving them time. Now thing is to keep modders modding they need a good example and ROTE is also there for that. It's missing some stuff, I hope to get everything done for a19 who knows.

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