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0 A.D. on YouTube


Message added by maroder,

0 A.D. has it's own YouTube gaming topic!


If you just want to watch some videos about 0 A.D. you can subscribe to that page.

If you create videos featuring 0 A.D. and you want them to show up on that page, be sure to:

include "0 A.D Empires Ascendant" in the title or the description or the tags and choose the correct game in the Gaming category of your video details. (Yes, the spelling does presumably matter) 

See these links for help on how to do it: Edit video settingsHow does my video show up on that page

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Nice play incog... at first I thought Valar would make a fast push (after quick hunting his elephants)... but he sit on his side and lost the advantage gained (more soldiers than you at that moment of game). At middle point I realized Valar wasn't going to give you a challenge at all... specially when he set click to attack 1 of your cavalry and you just make them turn around your skirmishers who killed all his infantry (that was truly embarassing). Completed out-microed and out-macroed as you set forward CC... easy win for you. :boredom:

I saw from your channel some previous alphas games (A16 mostly) where you do 1v1 vs several guys... I do agree A16 was really behind in balance terms.

Still a long road to walk... I'm a bit sad about it since I like 0 ad... looks like AoE 3 should have been.

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Valar is among the better players I play against, you can see that his opening is probably better than mine. Mistakes happen from both players all the time.

I wouldn't say that I'm better than any other player out there, nor would I say that other people are better than me. Rather, we play games and things happen in game. I'm more interested in finding the tipping point during the game and I believe that you're indeed right, the tipping point in this game was the fight I took after going back to my base for reinforcements.

When did I get the advantage and how did I get it? Is there a way for my opponent to take it back? Are there any actions I did which would weaken my position?

These are the kinds of questions that I like to ask. Without a replay system, the only means we have of recording games is the usage of video recording programs. In this way, everyone can study games and analyze them and we can come to agreement as to what is good and what isn't. If anyone watched my VOD and told me "you did this wrong" or you "that was a good idea", we could discuss that issue and test out these theories in game. This allows us to further our knowledge of 0 AD and how it works. That would be quite interesting imo, it's less about winning or losing than it is understanding what happened during the game. Though, indeed, everyone likes winning.

I would really encourage everyone to try to record and post their games as well because I'm really interested in seeing how others play the game. I have my style but I'm not sure that it's the right one.

A17 is definitely an improvement of the game compared to A16 though.

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Hey guys,

I'm starting my youtube channel about 0AD and will try to put a few videos every week (single player to show some build orders and multiplayer for the action part). There is just one video right now but I'll do my best !
I know I can't help to develop the game by programming or coding but if I can help beginners to enjoy the game I'll try to do it.


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