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  1. I am as well, I just thought someone could be interested (and the picture is good for the artists of the community ;-)). Let's see how this develops.
  2. Here's a new article about roman artifacts discovered in the U.S. And here are some photos from the article (a sword and a shield):
  3. In case someone here is interested : Archaeologists Discover 1000-Year-Old Viking Fortress in Denmark.
  4. There is now a "trigger" functionality, so you should find exactly what you need to do that. You can take inspiration from Scenarios in Game Modification forum : A silent day in Gaul, for example.
  5. The game is very near the release. The theoretical release date is when there is a freeze in adding more features, then there is a testing phase. This one has been longer to adjust some of the things encountered during the tests. But the game is very near the release. You can expect it this week or next week. Please be patient, this is free software, after all, nobody is paid to do anything, so sometimes, life happens. The common expression is "it will be released when it's ready", and I'm sure everybody wants is as good as possible for the release, so... just a few more days ;-)
  6. No problem. I was thinking eventually adding something like "(only for A17 version)" nearby the videos I already linked, so people know it's not the current one, or even better create a dedicated page for each (recent) version of the game. So no worries, just focus on your new videos / strategies, I'll update the strategy guide accordingly.
  7. Major game engines recently announced as free : http://jmonkeyengine.org/301602/in-the-age-of-free-aaa-game-engines-are-we-still-relevant/.
  8. Ok, so, I have to translate the whole article :-) They are saying that the grave is similar to the Vix discovery (by the number of objects and size) or Hochdorf (in Germany). But the team thinks the cauldron is etrusk or greak (the heads are the one of the greak god Acheloos). They are speaking about other objects, but without picture, so I'll eventually come back with more information if I stumbled upon... Anyway, that was just in case the artists among you would be interested :-)
  9. The article is saying : "since last autumn". The grave is the one of a prince around 500 BC and is advertised as "one of the most remarkable of the Celtic culture for the Hallstatt era (800 to 450 BC)". They're hoping to discover more, since the aera is really large. It's in the north of France and was discovered during the mandatory research before building new commercial buildings.
  10. It was apparently the grave of a prince, you will see the size of the thing in the last pictures (surrounded by the trenches). Below are pictures of a apparently big cauldron and a vase.
  11. A celtic grave (but for between 850 and 450 BC) has just been discovered in France : http://www.lemonde.fr/archeologie/article/2015/03/04/decouverte-exceptionnelle-en-france-d-une-tombe-princiere-celte_4587484_1650751.html ! Some pictures of objects are available, if you're interested.
  12. @Bellakor, in Alpha 17, it is available as a technology in the last phase of the game. I think they plan to reimplement it as a civilisation bonus for Alpha 18 (see this ticket).
  13. It is now ;-) Thanks a lot, Alekusu.
  14. So how did the game end? Impressive defensive game on 2vs1 from mario! You should do more of that (if you find the time), that was really interesting to follow, with lots of turnovers. Great game, all!
  15. Hey, Alekusu, I was wondering how much your build orders are impacted by A18? Do the build order completely change, or is it just a matter of a little less archer there, a little more skirmisher there? Regarding your plans, it seems totally fine for me, I really enjoyed the last map (the naval one), your explications are really good since we can feel you're not simply improvising with how many resources you have but you clearly have a plan from the start (for example, you clearly highlighted the fact that you need 500 of each to build a new civic center, so we can better understand why you do what you do). Please, go on ! ;-)
  16. +1 for Rubico, really great idea (albeit a little less "funny" than Rododactylos ;-)).
  17. @rolandixor, you'll find some developed mods in https://github.com/0ADMods/, especially the one about the Han dynasty. This should help you identify what is needed to have a working mod for the game (if not, there are dedicated topics on the forum regarding mod building where you'll find people able to help you debug what is eventually missing or wrong in your mod, or you may use the IRC channels where there are almost always someone connected). As said before, the main issue for the core team is the time they have, so if you manage to find people helping you have a well-finished mod (and the design document mentioned by Lion.Kanzen), that should be a pretty good start to have your mod included in the core game (and in the meantime, people will be able to play with it anyway).
  18. @Alekusu, your suggestions have been integrated. @niektb, I though some civs were missing last time I checked, but it indeed appears up-to-date, sorry about the noise.
  19. Done. Please note that as I'm new to the game, I'm not the best one to fill in the content, but I'm willing to write / reorganize it following your posts ;-)
  20. Hey, thanks! I'm going to rewrite the strategy guide page following what you're suggesting (and adding content while I'm at it).
  21. I've added a "Celts" headline to Brits and Gauls, following your suggestion. I'm trying to think how to best organize what you said (what is a decisive fact of the civ, opposed to, for example, the minimal addition (strategically speaking) of war dogs and fanatics).
  22. Ok, the (blank) strategy guide is http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Strategy_Guide. Let's contribue !
  23. Hi, I'm fairly new to the game (shame on me, I discovered it only a month ago). I've see some posts starting to detailed pros and cons of each civ, especially http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=14926, but it's not complete (maybe we should start by completing it ?). So, to better see how everything worked, I started a libreoffice spreadsheet with each unit and every capability of the unit (following the idea of http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19462). It's in fact a nightmare to organize, since for each unit, you may have bonuses for civs, and the spreadsheet become fast unreadable... First try, first failure So I'd be interested in a wiki page identifying key points of each civ ("gaul buildings only cost wood", "this unit is cheaper in this civ than this civ", "this unit is available at stage 1 for this civ whereas it's only stage 2 for other civs, ...") as well as key concept of the game (women bonus for farming, hack damage is good for building (?), ...). This would allow faster idea generation for beginners, I think. For example, a post than I find clearly "wiki-strategy-oriented" is http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=19426&p=302828 (mentioning Romans as "the only civ with a Phase I hack unit"). Maybe the best way to start the page is, for each civ, to ask ourselves "what is the first thing we think about this civ", with all our resources combined, we should quickly have something exploitable. For me, it would be, for example : "Elephants" for Mauryans, "Free building" for [i don't remember the name of the civ right now], ... This facts may be the start of build orders (even if I think several build orders are available depending on your play style (aggressive, defensive, ...) or the map (few or a lot of resources) or your enemy, or if you're playing teams, but hey, that's a start). Maybe we can start by contributing on this topic, and as soon as we have enough data, I'm willing to reformat it as a wiki Strategy page. Anyway, what do you think?
  24. Hi, We've started yesterday a "Useful links" section on the wiki. I've pasted your links (with credit to you) to have a little more content on the page. Thanks for all the interesting links !
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