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  1. Hi When you look at the factions lines you can see two sources of informations. One in the game the other in the Site. I think the up to date is the site. And im planing to play Gauls as main faction.But one of those more Attractive Specificities is Ardiosmanae (increase farms income and breeding), this source is quote In game. But when i check on the factions of site this bonus doesn't Appear. Did you delete it?
  2. Hi, I played Celtics and build Rotary Mill (increases the food production of nearby farms). But i didn't see the range of area effect on my farms. It should be usefull to see the real impact of all thing in game.
  3. Hi, im a beginner at 0 AD, I find this game great but i have a question. Every factions have specific technologies and i didin't find ingame how to search them. Are they auto uncovered and used ? Or i missed them ? Thx. ps:Im french escuse my english.
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