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Time to report i_am_groot's behavior


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I think the community should seriously take i_am_groot's behavior into consideration, his words are always inappropriate and his behavior demotivates a big part of the community (tons of trash talkings) - 2 things made me very worry - they are children playing this game and this behaviors can only demotivate us to play. Clearly I state here for myself but I would love to see others signing to put this behaviors out.

Please see the sentence below at the end of the console dump

nvtopgun: hi team game?
1984 (1404): hi Nusantara (1410)
sadSheep (1413): hi
sadSheep (1413): 1984 (1404)
1984 (1404): hi
1984 (1404): Stockfish?
sadSheep (1413): n
1984 (1404): who then ?
sadSheep (1413): me
1984 (1404): ok
RICSAND1655 (1280): to play whit gaia weirdJokes (1929)
Rauls (1849): 4v4
1984 (1404): hi
Atrik_III (very nub): in...!. put RICSAND1655 (1280) in!!
ycswyw (1531): Aale1337 (1486), play?
ycswyw (1531): darkcity (1663), play?
Aale1337 (1486): no cant
1984 (1404): Gauls
darkcity (1663): let me see
darkcity (1663): 2 min
i_am_groot (1638): RICSAND1655 (1280) or darkcity (1663) <> Atrik_III (very nub)
ycswyw (1531): maybe 4 vs 3 is balanced with me
ycswyw (1531): iberians
darkcity (1663): ok go
ycswyw (1531): RICSAND1655 (1280), sound ok before start ?
weirdJokes (1929): Atrik_III (very nub)
RICSAND1655 (1280): y
RICSAND1655 (1280): now i get ready
RICSAND1655 (1280): ty
ycswyw (1531): HF
weirdJokes (1929): /allies ycswyw (1531) cav rush?
i_am_groot (1638): /allies weirdJokes (1929) rush together?
weirdJokes (1929): /allies no
ycswyw (1531): /allies Y?
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies i rush
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies nono
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies u rush
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies Atrik_III (very nub)?
Atrik_III (very nub): /allies ok
darkcity (1663): /allies 1984 (1404) border
weirdJokes (1929): /allies must be rushed xD
i_am_groot (1638): /allies he is smurf
weirdJokes (1929): /allies hes 1600
1984 (1404): /allies darkcity (1663)
weirdJokes (1929): /allies hes 01122 vieuxreac
Atrik_III (very nub): /allies p2 rush righ RICSAND1655 (1280)?
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies ok
i_am_groot (1638): /allies weirdJokes (1929) scout pls
weirdJokes (1929): /allies soon
weirdJokes (1929): /allies RICSAND1655 (1280)
weirdJokes (1929): /allies found his wood
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies i_am_groot (1638) rushing
Barcodes (1748): hi
1984 (1404): /allies he has 3 spear cav Rauls (1849)
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies doble rush
Rauls (1849): /allies cav
Rauls (1849): /allies 7
darkcity (1663): /allies capture barack
1984 (1404): /allies taht's why i hate tg
darkcity (1663): /allies delete
ycswyw (1531): /allies i can't
ycswyw (1531): /allies garrison
ycswyw (1531): /allies yours
1984 (1404): /allies they both rush Rauls (1849) - uif you go fast ti's gg
darkcity (1663): /allies go for round 2 ycswyw (1531)
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies strat to kill i_am_groot (1638)
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies Aale1337 (1486)
RICSAND1655 (1280): /allies Atrik_III (very nub)
i_am_groot (1638): you are right darkcity (1663) ... 1984 (1404) is @#$%
1984 (1404): ok exit
weirdJokes (1929): ?

@Stan` @user1


Edited by 1984
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Thanks for the report. Hosters are responsible for moderating in-game conduct unless it's extremely bad. Talk to the hoster at the time and ask them to establish and enforce rules. You are advised to favor joining hosters with rules for their games.

Anyway, the misconduct seems very mild to me: one swearword (a---hole). Send evidence of other misconduct and it will be considered.

Edited by Norse_Harold
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I was in the game and indeed i_am_groot used offensive language. Fact. But beyond this, it's ridiculous to try to bring the safe space to 0AD. I don't think I ever insulted a player by swearing myself but I fear much more abusive moderation then offensive language by some nerds. @1984 please chill.

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A single swear word use should not result in a ban or extreme punishment.  On the other hand there is no reason to directly insult other players for no apparent reason. Easy to tell others to chill if someone isnt the target himself. Maybe we should also have some trust in Lobby Moderaters to judge things appropriatly, and if there is abusive moderation you are also free to post such incidents in the forum. 0 AD is no dictatorship thats gonna kill anyone for it

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I think directly insulting another player with an obscene word should warrant an official warning, whatever comes after that.


2 hours ago, Atrik said:

it's ridiculous to try to bring the safe space to 0AD

I don't think it's too far out to ask for some basic decency on an official platform, especially when minors are around.

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6 minutes ago, Gurken Khan said:

I don't think it's too far out to ask for some basic decency on an official platform,

I'll never advocate against that. I don't see why it would be opposed to having a Safe Space. I don't see that much abusive language excepted from an handful of known players or spammers. Use /mute, no drama needed.

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Few times ago vincel called me all sort of name, and he was trying to be offensive, in lobby chat. I'm glad he wasn't banned for this cause he's still a player you can choose or not to join game with. I could have choose to mute him and that would have been it. I didn't because his insults where just hilarious anyway, he was calling me underdog or alike for not sharing floating resources in a game I sent him 23k.

When a noob get insulted, in case he is a kid, I do my duty to indicate how he can mute the offender, so problem can be solved without the need of some kind of Safe Space enforcement.

Edited by Atrik
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1984 if you want i_am_groot to get an official warning then you would be getting an official warning as well for the rules that you broke. Atrik, don't call vinme "vincel" please. It's a combination of "vinme" and "incel" which means "involuntarily celibate". It's a pejorative.

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8 hours ago, Player of 0AD said:

Not cool that you have access to the teamchat of our team, as you are in the opposite team.


@Player of 0AD

Yes it's well described as a bug https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/6794 and here wildfiregames.com/forum/topic/107064-mainloghtml-reveals-too-much-sensitive-information/

I just use 0adextract_chat.py to dump data here.

The html logs are not human readble. @Player of 0AD I underlines a few line for you below.


But yes it's a great tool to fine tune player blacklists which I should have used before. BYW Funny to see smurfs criticizing smurfs. Hoping @G.O.A.T isn't back ?


Atrik_III (very nub): Evidences for your bclaim?
Atrik_III (very nub): claim*
Atrik_III (very nub): Or you are just playing drama queen?
1984 (1404): hi borg- (2293)
1984 (1404): can I ?
borg- (2293): hi
borg- (2293): i
borg- (2293): y
1984 (1404): could you pick a biom
1984 (1404): I'm old and some breaks my eyes
1984 (1404): Gauls
borg- (2293): Game will start in 5 seconds.
borg- (2293): Game will start in 4 seconds.
rejuvelac (1239): /observers who will win?
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers who is 1984?
MuchoLag: /observers the ego guy
kun0 (1515): /observers 011
MuchoLag: /observers he is nub
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers got this part but he's a smurf?
kun0 (1515): /observers cedric0
MuchoLag: /observers he has like 30 smurf accounts
kun0 (1515): /observers my level
MuchoLag: /observers GOAT called him \"the ego guy\" in the smurf tracking page in the forum
MuchoLag: /observers not your level kun0 (1515)
MuchoLag: way lower
kun0 (1515): /observers hm
rejuvelac (1239): /observers do you mean 1984 will win?
1984 (1404): what?
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers now he'll read obs chat
MuchoLag: /observers yes hates me and will kick me
1984 (1404): could you ban spec speaker borg- (2293) please?
borg- (2293): spec chat pls
MarcAurel (1596): /observers actually many players read secret chat
MarcAurel (1596): /observers defc0n does so also
kun0 (1515): /observers how?
MarcAurel (1596): /observers there are mods
MarcAurel (1596): /observers private distribution

darkcity (1663): /observers up fot tg?
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers most of cheats like this are litteraly 1line of code to modify, not even need to make a mod
MarcAurel (1596): /observers in like 30 min yes
MuchoLag: /observers in one 4v4game with observers i sent a link to another player via private message, 12 unique people opened the link
darkcity (1663): /observers 1984 (1404) going to loose anyways
MuchoLag: /observers 1984 (1404) is super nub
MuchoLag: /observers 1500 max
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers lol rly MuchoLag?
effervescent (1308): /observers hi guys
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers so that's like \"wide spread\"?
MuchoLag: /observers Atrik_III (very nub) yes
MuchoLag: /observers it was shoking and creepy
MuchoLag: /observers so private messages should be called public messages
effervescent (1308): /observers Public message that is tagged private xD
MuchoLag: /observers half the people opened the link during the game the other half after the game
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers ppfff x)
rejuvelac (1239): /observers or one person opened it 12 times?
MuchoLag: /observers so in op games i would say 70% or the people read all chat
darkcity (1663): /observers no tg?
effervescent (1308): /observers view count is ip unique rejuvelac (1239)
MuchoLag: /observers rejuvelac (1239) it was a pastebin link and it shows unique users
MuchoLag: /observers i tried reloading the page several times and it does not count as new user
MuchoLag: /observers so i assume unique people
rejuvelac (1239): /observers One person had 12 smurf accounts?
MuchoLag: /observers lol no
MuchoLag: /observers it was like 8 players and 8 specs
MarcAurel (1596): /observers some have more than 12 smurf accounts
MuchoLag: /observers seems i will have tu upgrade on that, cause i seem to be the only nub that does not read all chat
Sextain (1384): /observers what is the point reading observer chat when you need to win battle?
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers you could know ennemy plans
MuchoLag: /observers i was thinking on jamming the frequencies by spamming pings to players in private messages xd
Sextain (1384): /observers Atrik_III (very nub) I ask this case
rejuvelac (1239): /observers I feel like civs with smaller houses have a big advantage, what do yu think?
rejuvelac (1239): /observers in the beginning of the game
MuchoLag: /observers yes rejuvelac (1239) i feel they boom faster
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers Sextain (1384) because 1984 (1404) looks like he care very much what we are saying of him
rejuvelac (1239): /observers I hoe they change it for the next alpha
Sextain (1384): /observers If i play 1vs1 i dont have second to even read text produced by system on screen.
MuchoLag: /observers its ridiculous that all chat gets relayed from host to all connected paries
Sextain (1384): /observers Atrik_III (very nub) who? borg- (2293) is reading?
MuchoLag: /observers Sextain (1384) you can read it even after the game
MuchoLag: /observers some dudes opened my link 20 min after the game

Sextain (1384): /observers MuchoLag explain me later need leave
MuchoLag: /observers so many read all chat after
MuchoLag: /observers like a hobby
Barcodes (1748): /observers never heard of that
MuchoLag: /observers but yes sadly team chat is no longer reliable
MuchoLag: /observers you say \"lets switch sides and attack xxx\"
MuchoLag: /observers he can know

effervescent (1308): /observers I must be missing something. why do players avoid the Home Garden upgrade in a 300 pop game?
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers at least ready it after isn't cheating
MuchoLag: /observers Atrik_III (very nub) true
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers reading*
rejuvelac (1239): /observers is borg- (2293) a defensive player?
MuchoLag: /observers but i remember hannibal barca could read during the game
Barcodes (1748): /observers he is a champ player :)
MuchoLag: /observers and in my experience with that link half the people read  it during the game
kun0 (1515): /observers why is borg- (2293) not making units
kun0 (1515): /observers champs?
rejuvelac (1239): /observers p2
effervescent (1308): /observers looks like it
rejuvelac (1239): /observers no outposts?
MuchoLag: /observers so home garden is totally worth in 300 pop games effervescent (1308) ?
effervescent (1308): /observers Definitely Worth it MuchoLag
rejuvelac (1239): /observers sacrificing hero?
MuchoLag: /observers no siege workshop
MuchoLag: /observers champ siege?
kun0 (1515): /observers maybe just having fun
MuchoLag: /observers true
MuchoLag: /observers he is trapped tho
rejuvelac (1239): /observers this is not winning, is it?
kun0 (1515): /observers i heard he often plays not serious
effervescent (1308): /observers borg- (2293), only had champs as melee units
MuchoLag: /observers yes he is not respecting the enemy
MuchoLag: /observers who would figtht there?
MuchoLag: /observers its hilarius
MuchoLag: /observers worst possible place ever
MarcAurel (1596): /observers borgs champs took too long to get involved into fight
MarcAurel (1596): /observers they were stuck behind house
kun0 (1515): /observers yes
effervescent (1308): /observers and also no proper melee upgrade
MarcAurel (1596): /observers fort is not a big deal in this alpha really
MuchoLag: /observers but the constraintment did not allow his champs to engage as someone said, and he could not use formations to his advanage, or retreat to his advantacge
MuchoLag: /observers its was the worst possible place to engage
kun0 (1515): /observers you think on purpose?
rejuvelac (1239): /observers why people here dont care about temple?
MuchoLag: /observers i agree with you kun0 (1515) i think he is just having fvun
kun0 (1515): /observers i use temple depending on stuation
MuchoLag: /observers he played way more seriously against you kun0 (1515)
kun0 (1515): /observers ty :)
kun0 (1515): /observers i still lose against stockfish every time
MuchoLag: /observers look how borg suicides his champs again
MuchoLag: /observers or not xd
rejuvelac (1239): /observers why does borg- (2293) have more metal? He has way more champs...
MuchoLag: /observers 12k collected
kun0 (1515): /observers hwre is vinme these days\xDF
rejuvelac (1239): /observers bad eco by 1984
MuchoLag: /observers he got bored that nobody entered his host maybe
kun0 (1515): /observers lul
kun0 (1515): /observers MuchoLag do you play actuallay? i walys see you spec
MuchoLag: /observers lately he was just hosting TGs for 1200 players
MuchoLag: /observers i do kun0 (1515)
MuchoLag: /observers lol his champs
Barcodes (1748): /observers borg- (2293) will win he has way more wood
MuchoLag: /observers agains 200 troops
Barcodes (1748): /observers and barracks
darkcity (1663): /observers 1984 (1404) afkother other flank
rejuvelac (1239): /observers easy to distract 1984
MuchoLag: /observers true
rejuvelac (1239): /observers 1984 will run out of wood
MuchoLag: /observers ohh he is denying wood, right
Atrik_III (very nub): /observers borg- (2293) trying to make this game last forever
MuchoLag: /observers that's the troll game

rejuvelac (1239): /observers gg
1984 (1404): gg borg- (2293)
borg- (2293): gg




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On 15/07/2023 at 6:44 PM, Gurken Khan said:
On 15/07/2023 at 4:56 PM, Norse_Harold said:

1984 if you want i_am_groot to get an official warning then you would be getting an official warning as well for the rules that you broke.

I don't get how this is tied together.

1984 and i_am_groot are not tied together. It is a coincidence that they would both receive an official warning. The reason is that 1984 is asking for the threshold to be set very low for issuing an official warning, such that 1984 would also exceed the threshold based on the rules that he has violated in the past and even in this episode. Examples of rules that 1984 has violated: (1) 1984 has used many unauthorized duplicate accounts, (2) 1984 has appealed moderation action publicly instead of privately, (3) 1984 has used profanity and insults with several of his unauthorized duplicate accounts.

Of course, I assume that 1984 is not asking for unfair or unequal application of the rules, ie. application of the rules only to i_am_groot and not to himself. Therefore he is apparently asking for a low threshold for official warning in application of the rules. Be careful what you wish for. That would mean that you're crossing that threshold as well as a lot of other users.

1984, I recommend that you talk to the person who was hosting the game at the time and ask them to create and apply rules for their hosted games. That's the first supervisor, and you skipped directly over it. I guess that you are not actually concerned about the rules and instead you're concerned about something else.

Another example of a rule violation: you created a game with room name "Harassed by Norse_Harold" several times after you were muted. The reason you were muted was because you continued to request appeal of moderation action publicly instead of privately in the lobby. Of course you'll get attention from a moderator if you're breaking rules and being annoying. The proper procedure for appeal of moderation action is to forum PM Stan and/or Dunedan. Period.

Locking this thread.

Edited by Norse_Harold
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