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Sunday Pro Games


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I am now in a different city, don't have my game PC with me.

I decided I am not going back to home, so I can't play or help streaming the game until I can afford a new game PC in my new location.

I would like to see more Sunday pro games even if I am unable to participate until I get enough money to buy stuff.

It's been only a week or so,

withdrawal symptoms of 0AD is kicking hard.

I want my favorite drug back in my life so bad.

but life is pushing me here and there.


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 all are broke people in 0AD @Stockfish :P,

I had to leave my house to find a better job, but I can't carry my Desktop PC, That is the only capable machine that can handle 0AD, I have a laptop but I don't think it will last longer If I run 0AD on it, also to do YouTube I need my PC and laptop to record or stream with minimum lag possible.

I am bit sad now, I can't noob my teammates to Oblivion now, they are playing 0AD without my noobness and I think they are happy about it.

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