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  1. Thanks for the feedback so far. The A N E selections will be replaced with dropdowns (as agreed before). @sanderd17: I'm only working on the design, we need a programmer to work with me on this ASAP.
  2. What's new in this screenshot: View full size image (It's a new special building for the Persians - some new eyecandy)
  3. I've been working on the interface designs sporadically over the past three months, so it's probably time to show an update. Here are updated designs for the 3 windows I previewed before - the current designs are shown below each one: Edit: Here's a redesign of the Match Setup screen: Current design: New design: Let me know what you think! Like it?
  4. I believe we're currently using the Punic Mausoleum of Ateban as a wonder for the Carthaginians. Do you have any information about the Temple of Baal and Astarte?
  5. Welcome to the forums Tucker. We're looking for experienced Blender animators to help us model and animate the remaining animals in the game. It's one of the most critical tasks remaining for the Art team, so your experience both with modeling animals and rigging is very relevant. Initially I'd suggest you take a look at this basic 3D tutorial as it'll help you understand a bit more about how the game operates. Enrique (our Art Department Lead) will be along shortly.
  6. Agreed, that works well. Lets go with that
  7. Nice. I like the sound of that. Thanks for asking. Yes we will need a way to disable flattening on buildings in Atlas, though I don't mind flattening being on by default if that's what everyone agrees to. Lets see what Mythos says, he's created most of the scenario maps.
  8. Looks really good to me Is this something that can be applied to structure templates so that some buildings (notably walls) don't flatten terrain?
  9. Nice shot - and you were getting 60 fps too
  10. It's looking really promising
  11. Looks amazing Do those bricks on the corners of the structure actually stick out? I love those little details.
  12. You could have just asked questions here to keep current AI discussion in one place...
  13. This has been discussed within the team and is something that we (thanks wraitii ) will work on. We want to ensure everyone gets to enjoy the game no matter the experience they have with RTS games.
  14. Hi mahesh, welcome to the forums Please see this post for details on what's needed. Here's the voice list that we're working with for now: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Audio_Voice_List The game is constantly evolving, so changes and additions may be needed in the future.
  15. I'd have to agree with the others, there's something not quite right with that roof, and I don't think a strip of tiles in the valley areas will help it. Other than that all the concepts Enrique's presented are ready to commit
  16. Nice to see the fans appreciate wraitii's work - it's had more comments on there than any other recent item, including the Alpha 12 release!
  17. I contacted Gudo who said he was currently unable to do the updates, so I've updated the list to include the additions/changes mentioned by sanderd17. I believe we still need to add the names listed by leper a few posts up.
  18. Hi Palantius Welcome to the forums! Good to hear you find the project interesting We aren't actively looking for a new logo for 0 A.D. but that doesn't mean we can't be persuaded if a suitable alternative is presented to us. Regarding your proposed logo, unfortunately I don't think it's enough of an improvement over the current design - which I agree is looking tired and needs a more modern (+ancient) twist added to it. As you say, when reduced in size your logo is much too dark - all the nice details are lost. I like that you've added some layers to the icon, however these are quite difficul
  19. Hi Don, I see that Redfox has commented on your ticket now. If you want to, you can also chat with some of the developers on the #0ad-dev IRC channel on QuakeNet most evenings. It might help get your patches reviewed faster too
  20. Thanks for the feedback guys. Glad you like them
  21. I'm surprised there isn't already a template that does this.
  22. Thanks for the feedback on the Carthaginian Blacksmith everyone Here's my Persian Blacksmith concept:
  23. Looks great wraitii Full size Edit: Works well with shore foam too
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