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  1. Depending on the type of actions planned for the scenario editor, making an infantry unit transform into a cavalry unit should be fairly simple (in scenarios). Same was the case for AOK and AOE3, can't remember back to AOE1, but probably that too. Lots of scenarios for those games included that form of transformation.
  2. Your instructions were spot on, thanks. Here's the output
  3. It looks like this. The menu has gone white because I clicked on the move button - same happens whenever any buttons are pressed after Atlas starts. Some parts of the screen go white, or all of it (edit:like this), and it doesn't respond to anything. Yes Atlas stopped working after I updated DirectX and then NVIDIA Display drivers (both to latest versions). Perhaps I can follow this tomorrow evening:
  4. I do have Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition installed, but it' not registered (as in I didn't go through the registration process). That probably doesn't help. During the 0AD uninstall process, do all files related to 0AD get deleted? The reinstall didn't fix the Atlas Editor, so doesn't that suggest it's my system and not 0AD?
  5. I didn't delete them, honest
  6. @Ykkrosh: I remember your name from all the great work you did for the AOE community many years ago. Huge thanks to you mate! Anyway, I updated DirectX and NVIDIA Display drivers and that fixed it (whatever it was). No more choppy shadows: Full size Edit: Spoke too soon, now the editor hangs on startup - no blank map loads in the display window, and it's completely unresponsive. A single player scenario starts without any problems. A reinstall of 0AD didn't fix it either. Edit2: Still haven't worked out why the atlas editor has stopped working since I updated my display drivers, the logs do
  7. Does anyone know why the shadows are choppy? Is there a computer setting I might have changed which is causing it? Full size
  8. That'll help if I decide to build any more fortified cities. Any news on having units on walls?
  9. @Mythos_Ruler: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS @Jeru: All yours, no need for credit or anything!
  10. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Original post: Initially I just want to say the Alpha is great, congrats to the entire team behind it. I installed the Alpha on my 32bit XP SP3 machine, and this is what I'd created an hour later: Full size A few houses after that screenshot was taken 0 A.D. became completely unresponsive and I had to force quit. Overall though I was very impressed by user interfaces, the buildings, the units, the animations, the water, the trees, and lots more. On to constructive criticism: 1) On default settings the shadows looked choppy
  11. Great work guys, on the above units, and also on the game itself May I ask what program the above models were created in? I know that Max and Blender are compatible, but just wanted to know which of the two programs was used.
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