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  1. I'm sorry, but if I'm being honest, no it doesn't work. We did have white marble in some of the first concepts in this topic, but then RTW2 screenshots were released showing a marble UI, so I ditched that. (See the two buttons in the lower corners of Lion's screenshot above)
  2. Wow guys, we're not using that button are we? :/
  3. Only just spotted this tutorial (I never look at pinned topics )! Really nicely done Enrique, very helpful. You helped me when I was struggling to understand AO, so it's good to see you're now helping others too. It's such a shame AO isn't compatible with prop variations.
  4. I agree. It would be useful to also see these icons at the dimensions they'll appear in-game (40x40). I really like them btw
  5. I know, I'm being too cautious at this stage. We've had texture submissions in the past that included photos of Russell Crowe, so we have to be careful
  6. Sorry those aren't too clear. I will go out against - I'm on my way I will march - to and fro Feel free to rephrase them both - it doesn't have to be a direct translation of 'I will march' - It should be whatever would have been said at the time in that language
  7. It's on our list of features we'd really like to have, so it doesn't have to go through Project Governance, but it's also not high on our priority list. There are many other important features/improvements that take priority, such as optimization (1st priority), and other missing gameplay features (Auras, Capturing, AI, Naval, etc.)
  8. I suspect Royalty free isn't compatible with our stuff. No need to go to Burma, we have very similar sound effects in our source files. Take a look through http://trac.wildfiregames.com/browser/ps/trunk/binaries/data/mods/public/audio
  9. Nice work. The elephant sounds sounded similar to some of our elephant sounds, that's all
  10. Hi Matias, may I ask where the sounds are sourced from? Sources must be CC-BY-SA compatible, ideally recorded by yourself or in the public domain. I noticed some where from 0 A.D.
  11. I prefer the gray to the yellow button - but I'll think about it for another few weeks
  12. Would you recommend using a separate program that comes with 0 A.D., a bit like Atlas? The Nexus Mod Manager also comes to mind (for Skyrim).
  13. Old and new button designs: Everything apart from the texture and text is a photoshop effect/mask, making it easy to adjust. The button size is a mask of a large background texture, so it can be scaled easily within Photoshop. Here's a slightly more edgy example of the button design with a pressed (down) mockup: Some colourful concepts for special occasions: Lastly, some tick boxes: As always, let me know if you like what you see. Feel free to comment below I might not respond to everyone's feedback, and for that I apologize, but it does help me make decisions even when it's contradicto
  14. Yeah don't worry, I'm on this. I have a few button design concepts, I just need to simplify/alter some bits to make sure it's workable (programmable).
  15. Some of the devs have already started implementing pieces of the new interface design. I'll let Josh and the other guys reveal that on the forums when they're ready. I'm not sure the Z button works harmoniously with the interface design, it's kind of been dropped on top, but it looks cool so lets go with it Two week old update to the diplomacy window design: Removed the offending gradients, and added nicer looking shadows
  16. I really like the cow skull - I'll vote for keeping it Animal sacrifice is known to have taken place in ironage Britain.
  17. Thanks for another detailed report Redfox. Some good news, and some bad, but you're still making progress!
  18. Nice work mahesh. Can we get someone to verify those translations? Uncompressed wavs please
  19. Yeah many of my Persian models were based on Persepolis reconstructions, so the similarities should be there. Good luck with it
  20. Fantastic work Redfox I don't understand a lot of it, but the graphs really help illustrate the improvements you're making
  21. Thanks for the reviews guys. Sorpico: I really like the sound. I understand Mythos_Ruler's feedback, the bellows sound might be too unrecognizable (not your fault, i suspect an actual bellows sound would be likewise) for a short selection sound. Otherwise, I'm not sure about removing the second clink sound, but lets see how that works. Nice start
  22. I won't be home until tomorrow evening, so will download and give feedback then Has anyone else downloaded it? Perhaps they can feedback sooner.
  23. That's the one Looks like a decal http://ageofempires.wikia.com/wiki/Discovery
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