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  1. Odin dammit! Honor thy ancestor! This game needs some scandinavian civs!
  2. I`d love to see vikings. Also any culture could fit and would benefit to the game ,diversity in gameplay and aesthetics and also variety of civilizations
  3. I know the game is set around ancient civilizations and all but it would be nice to explore more than europe and india. We have asia wich would ad a more diversed culture with unique architecture. Yes we had them around this age as simple villages with basic military but they can be implemented as a powerfull economy civ. We had the norse (scandinavian vikings) wich can be implemented as a faction with lowered prices and early game swarming with cheap but weak units while in late game have strong heavy hitting and armoured units and would alos have a unique sea aspect with the longboat.
  4. So I was wondering what other civilizations are planned for the future? The game setting allows for quite alot of civilizations to be introduced but wich one`s will we get to see and how are the civs selected for the game?
  5. A smaller rounded interface with submenus would be excellent. as for design I think a stone one for civs that are famous for they`re sotneworks and architecture (romans ,spartans ,indians ,etc.) and wooden GUI for tribal like civs (gauls ,britons ,etc.)
  6. It will help indeed in scouting for resources and fast economy expanding but i think that at a game like this where resources are scattered on the entire map it can get a bit too clustered. It`s not like you have fixed mining spots that mark where your next expansion should be or certain hunting and foraging spots. Yes the function is indeed good but the only way to implement it in such a game would be to have a function to also turn it off. SO basicly make somthing like 3 minimpa modes: military ,economy and a standard mini map
  7. you can see the inspiration as the buildings feel like they actualy have weight ,they blend so well with the enviroment and as I said even building animation looks so smooth and natural
  8. I mentioned that and compared them to what they felt like. As I said the area of control is one of them wich reminds me of Rise of Nations or Axis and Allies. Also should of mentioned 3D graphics done right (unlike Age of Empires 3 or Empire Earth)
  9. http://steam-designs.blogspot.ro/2013/09/0-ad-beta-review.html Updated review ,with more info and recent photos is up.
  10. Yes I know and I also didn`t mention unit design ,tech trees ,unit types. This is just an overall look ,once the game will take a clearer form I will do a full review ,in detail and an A to Z guide.
  11. http://steam-designs.blogspot.ro/2013/09/0-ad-beta-review.html This is my review of the game so far. I am amazed by this game and it`s quality and I was wondering if someone from the developement team could answer some Q&A`s? I`ve shared this review with others and hopefully alot more people will show they`re support for this amazing project and I feel that the Q&A`s will atract even more to this project.
  12. Expanding diplomacy options beyond tribute and alliances would be grate. Add something like free-trade ,non-aggresion pacts and more. Also hopefully in the coming future we will have an options menu. That would be more than usefull.
  13. The only issue I see with the Interface is it`s size ,making it a bit smaller might just do the job ,or give us the posibility to set it`s size once the options menu will be implemented
  14. After reading some posts I feel like the modding community for this game will expand really fast. So my problem here is the same problem I had in AoE....will there be a mod manager?!
  15. Since the game is free to play adding it to gameranger will just split the community. Also gameranger lacks a competitive scene no matter what you are playing over it.
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