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  1. Ringforts, Hillforts, Brochs, or Crannogs could all be plausible wonders for the Brits.
  2. The svn AI is currently incompatible with some of the new features that have been added for the Alpha 14 release. The problem you describe will be fixed before Alpha 14 is released
  3. Thanks for the update Josh. It's good to hear there's progress on the lobby
  4. It was good to finally talk on svn yesterday. It sounds like you'd fit in very well with the team, which is always a bonus. Your sound effects are good too When you're happy with them, post those blacksmiths sound effects here for us to review.
  5. Hi Matt. Glad you're enjoying the game!
  6. Some people view the forums using a slow internet connection or on their phones, so putting large images into a spoiler isn't a bad idea.
  7. Looking at the poly counts in Atlas Editor (shadows off), the ideal number of Atlas polys for a wonder model is around 20,000. The hanging gardens are showing as having nearly 100,000 polys, but many people experience noticeable lag when it's in-game, so best not to use too many. The lag is mostly due to the water and vegetation (transparent textures), standard polys aren't so much of an issue.
  8. Looks like i'm going to be at work until 11pm - so maybe i'll catch you tomorrow instead. Hope thats ok Edit: Some useful info I found: Audio files guide I'm going to link to the online public svn for this guide because I can link directly to its folders and files. The same folder structure will also exist in an installed version of OAD. I'm going to use the building construction hammering sounds as an example. Audio OGG file location and SoundGroup xml files All publicly released sound files (OGG format) are found inside the 'audio' folder in this directory: http://svn.wildfireg...s/public/au
  9. I'm running a bit late - stuck at work. Probably won't be home until 5pm EST time (10pm my time) . Others will be on IRC though, if you want to introduce yourself
  10. Hi hoosier, welcome to the forums. What do you think of the game, have you tried it?
  11. Hi Tim, welcome to the forums and thanks for your application. Would you be able to join our IRC channel tomorrow so that we can chat further in real-time? We use IRC for meetings and general discussion so hopefully a few team members will be around to say hi. If that sounds doable, would you be free sometime between 4pm and 8pm Orlando (EDT) time tomorrow? Our development IRC channel is #0ad-dev on QuakeNet. I'll try to finish work on time and get home for 4pm EDT. We don't really have an active sound team at the moment, so the new Sound Lead would be in charge of deciding what needs doing (w
  12. At one stage I had colours behind the gradients, but it got a bit too busy. Anyway, have no fear, I'll take another look at the gradients
  13. Thanks for working on auras Sander, they're an important addition that'll help make this game unique and interesting to play An infinite range aura will probably be needed at some stage, so it'll be good if you could add that.
  14. Thanks for offering to help alpha123. How long until Git? Can we really afford to wait?
  15. Probably would be. I'm not sure Photoshop 5 would work Is the interface implementation really messy at the moment?
  16. Nice one. What was the outcome of the scripting discussions - is the entire interface going to be redone, or are we just going to update the graphics and leave the current scripting? You don't happen to have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements do you? Gimp can open the layered PSD file, but it won't support some of the Photoshop features I'm using.
  17. They'll resemble the play0ad website's main nav buttons, which aren't too far away from what we have now. Also I want the interface designs to remain consistant with the main menu design, which isn't changing.
  18. Not yet. It's ready to commit though, I just haven't had time to do it.
  19. At the moment the central building (l'm calling it a 'Palace') doesn't do anything, it's just a bit of eyecandy based on one of LordGood's concepts
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