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  1. Well. ... i did that when i lived home also ... so i guess .. well you have 3 years left home with your parents? peace & love
  2. Hello WFG! I am at the moment sitting in my new apartement, just fixed the internet actually, and getting ready for bed (its 02:33 in the morning here) ... Anyway, moving from my parents in my little friendly neighboorhood to this big town (3rd biggest in little Norway i think) is pretty wierd for me. Anyway have any tips how to adjust? Or any other cool tips now that my mom isnt making me dinner, washing my clothes ect. and my father not paying the bills? Share with me here <3
  3. I just have to say .... Battlestar galactica was aaaaawsome!! Loved it Does anyone know when Jericho is suppose to start again?
  4. Im sorry to vote no.3 but i dont have the time to learn something that could be useful to you guys... I am really looking forward to the finish, and i try the best i can to give feedback and do whatever i can do to help with the limited time i got right now But stand tall, stay cool and keep up the amazing work you put down with this game. I love every single one of you <3
  5. I dont think there will be a matchmaking service. I believe i heard that it will be like direct IP or something, dont really know. But remember its a free game, so they cant keep on running big servers for a long time....
  6. So .... once again this thread is made ... Last time this thread was up i started watching Battlestar Galactica, and i just finished season 1 ... downloading season 2 as we speak. Anyone watching any good shows at the moment? Im into Lost, Prison Break, BG, Jericho (my favourite) and maybe i'll start watching "the 4400" again, since i've seen the first two seasons. Well...... what are you watching at the moment and is it any good?
  7. Good luck with your mod, hope you get finished and learn the modelling part However, i hate mods that mixed old with new, like swords and guns .. but thats just me, i love the resident evil movies, so if you ever finish it, ill give it a try gl
  8. Hehehe, great someone knows about him =) Thanks =D
  9. Hehehehe, i have to disagree with some things. At least here where i live, we know pretty much how things are. Of course, we learn much about the American Culture from movies, so its easy to believe that all you eat is cheeseburgers, party with beer, drive big cars, always getting A's in school, that all rich dudes went to Harvard and that there are only really hot woman in USA. I understand people believing icebears, but Vikings? Come on ... i dont believe that the Romans still own Rome, and that there are wars between Indians and Americans ? We actually just started learning about American History not long ago, it's really quite interesting... did you know that over half of Norways population immigrated to USA? Anyway, lets educate eachother =p Vikings in Norway ... i cant get over it, its just so funny =p
  10. Good morning everyone ... i missed the train that where supposed to transport me to school today, so well ... its a day off for me. I thought i'd stop by here now, it's been so long. Have a pretty big exam tomorrow however so just dropping by to explain. Don't really know if anyone cares at all, but i feel that i should try to explain (quit english class last summer so its worse than ever now :\)... Anyway, i don't really remember when it happened, but Viking mod / Rise of Vikings / Rise of the Vikings mod "shut down" fast and non of us really cared to save it ... I were really busy with my ... yeah, Counter Strike career, and i think i was the one who tied us all together, so when i stopped talking and planning, it just fell apart.. Anyway, i quit cs 8-10 months ago and have followed the development of 0ad for a while, but havent been active on the forums for a long time ... hope that change. I have been really busy with schools and parties and friends, but things seems to slow down now. Plus i have quit smoking! =D Anyway ... i dont really think i can start up this project, at least not without Curufinwe, which i havent spoken to in a year or something, has he been around here for a while? Ill try texting him on MSN or something =p Well, my real reason for making this thread is to see if there is someone out there who want the stuff we made... We had a crappy homepage, but we had some nice, actually we had some REALLY nice sketches, and some great models (dont really know if i can get them though, but ill try if anyone wants them), skins and a TON of documents! A pretty big Designer Document which explains everything about everything i think, and all of the ideas. In addition i have documents from early forumdiscussions so you can see how we did things and how we made our decitions. I really hope someone wants to start it up, since i really doubt i have the energy and time to do something like that. so if someone wants anything at all, just say so here or send me a PM or a mail or something, ill help any way i can. HMM, this may sound stupid but i really wanna thank the ones who involved themselves in the project, its like a year and a half since i last spoke to them so pretty hard to remember them all, but ... Argalin Kevin (Argalius) The historian from really far north in norway The other Norwegian who made models Curufinwe for like everything, without him nothing would be done and he was a really good friend actually. =) And of course the community, thanks for answering questions when i had some =p So once again, anyone want anything? let me knooooow =D <3
  11. Yes well, its now time for little Øyvind (thats me) to go out in the world. Or at least move from home. I live really south in Norway, near a town called "Arendal", but moving to Stavanger (westside ) after the summer ... And of course i need an apartment where i can live and drink and play games and do homework, so well ... its really not easy!! I can expect to have to pay like ... (have to calculate what it is in dollars) $1100 a month! Thats a lot of money for a student :< Whats normal where you guys live? Maybe i can go to an university there instead
  12. Its a greaaaaaaaaat movie. The best part is the one with Pamela, and of course when he visits the "rich" people, "in my country, they would go crazy for this one and this one, but her not so much" ahahahha, couldnt stop laughing
  13. Got a Ipod nano, a lot of clothes, a lot of movies, xbox 360 and some other stuff... didnt have high expectations so i was happy
  14. Hey everybody! Nice to be back! Let me tell you something pretty funny. At least its funny for me. I have this friend who goes to school in USA this year, Kansans or something like that... Anyway, he knows a lot of Americans now of course, going to school there and stuff like that, and you wouldnt believe what he makes them believe about Norway. Ok, first of all they think he is a rockstar in Norway. Thats not amazing, i could believe that to. But something that really makes me laugh, is that they believe that there are still Vikings in Norway, who goes from town to town with axes and stuff like that, raping and stealing, and they also believe that we have icebears walking around in the streets. In addition to that they think that we are like ... in the middle ages ... or something like that .. How is that possible? Norway is one of the richest countries in the world, Vikings are gone like a thousand years ago and i have never seen a icebear. They only appear in "Svalbard", which is an Island north of Norway (we kind of own it ) I hope you guys found this funny too, i couldnt stop laughing when my friend told me =p Anyway, how is wildfire community these days?
  15. Hehe, good to hear its alive =) Buuuuuut, i remember beta summer 06? hehehehe 08 is a bit ... late you know? :<
  16. Yeah, its the worst kind of topic you could ever get. But i cant help myself, how far is it? Any cool releasedate yet?
  17. Gl with your mod Mr, i should not say this, being all negative, but it is a LOT of work, making a mod =) But good luck with it all, ill try the mod sometime when 0ad is done =)
  18. Well ... I guess it was when i was on top of a huge mountain in Norway .. nothing happened really, but i am REALLY afraid of heights
  19. We don't really have a lot of homeless people in Norway, only one i have ever met was in Oslo (our capital) and he was a drug addict i believe.
  20. You have probably heard of the TV-show called Bigbrother ... Dont really know if it is broadcasted in countries like USA ... but what do you all think of it? The idea? 20 people being locked up in a house, just being there for 100 days, doing nothing really, and the most popular after those 100 days wins 1 million. Of course there are complications and stuff like that ... but still .. hate that show what do you all think?
  21. SOunds cool, but i guess that it should be made as a mod .. easier i think. But good ideas, could be made a little shorter after my opinion, but whatever you want go for it tiger
  22. We use 60 metres, and it was ... 2 years ago my last check, it was 09.00 seconds )) Second best in my class But your really fast Timmie, gj
  23. Dont have a girlfriend, but i guess we are pretty laidback towards money... most of my friends are rich, so we dont bother lending money and stuff like that dont know really ... wierd thread
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