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  1. Welcome, Dr. Who! Hope you like it here!
  2. Zeez eez my French Accent, so zat meanz I am French expert! No?
  3. Yes, Black Op, I think you have the coolest signature.
  4. I can't remember What I voted for, but I'm sure it was the right one.
  5. It could be "It's eating my favourite flowers!" =It is eating...
  6. Do you really think so? All I need is my computer and Medal of Honor Spearhead. After that, my body does not need food, as it gets food for the mind from the computer.
  7. I know a guy who makes bows and sells them in Italy for 10,000 bucks.
  8. I can't bear the thought of this, I think I'll join the PSC.
  9. Yeah, rich friends can always help out.
  10. Is that a real body? Looks kind of fake, to me. @King Tut: Why is your pic nasty? There's just a little blood.
  11. Why don't you try Denny's? My older brother said they don't have any experience in cooking.
  12. iNtRePiD, maybe you previously worked at a "resume stainer". That could be what happened.
  13. Americans, definitely, but I would say that for any country that I'm a citizen of. So America and France, actually.
  14. I think I liked the idea of spamming, yet gaining posts points, but I guess I need to learn to post non-spam posts now.
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