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  1. Ok, thanks for your understanding Tim... I generally think it's not good to make the Admin mad at me
  2. Omigosh! I didn't mean that literally, guys! It was a joke. Sorry Tim...
  3. Yeah, ok, I thought so. I just knew DarkAngel had to hack his pic to look cool... there's no other way...
  4. All your pictures seem like they're saying "Well? What do you say to that?" It's funny.
  5. Here's one that I did: Here's another one: And another one:
  6. That smilie is the link, btw, guys. You kind of need to edit that, Joe.
  7. Hahaha! You guys are funny! Here's me. I hope it works... Me <span class='edit'>This post has been edited by Clodhopper: Today, 04:49 AM</span>
  8. Wow! You certainly have an unclean slate! As for me, I'm not really old enough to get that kind of a record...
  9. Tcha! That guy just doesn't realize it... But my older (not oldest) brother had a scary experience with them cops, I'm telling you. PM me if you're interested...
  10. Wahow! That's ummm... yeah! A lot of money... 39 days at that rate would done clean me out! (of money)
  11. For me? I'm just here because it's my destiny to become president of the world. No, wait, not president. Dictator. What else is worthy for me? If you want to find out about the full extent of my plans, just PM me. In the meantime, Tim, I'm just trying to get some money. I really need... money... Depends on what your meaning of "pleasure" is...
  12. Well, lets see here... Charged with 2nd degree murder in 1993, 1st degree murder in 1995- No, just kidding! The only time I got in "trouble" with the police was when I was playing under a bridge when I was 9 or so... he just told us to get out from under there. Nothing much, but it was pretty traumatic for a 9 year old.
  13. Nonsense, my son. You must learn the ways of music, as our forefathers have done before us...
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