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  1. I do indeed. If you said yes, I would have reffered you to this site:The ultimate piano music site!!!!!!!!!
  2. Of course it's stupid! Otherwise it wouldn't be funny!
  3. So do play Piano, SGE? (random, just-popped-into-my-head-question)
  4. Wow, that's hot, but still nothing compared to Thermal spraying on a 90 degree day, while wearing black clothes and a facial mask.
  5. Wow! I can Imagine you made a lot of money off of that!
  6. No, we have 5, remember? 4 of them are all in a row and the next one is alone by the hemlocks.
  7. Lets see here... In my front yard I have 5 plum trees, 2 peach trees, 2 hemlocks, 1 maple, 1 British Hawthorne, 1 apple tree, and 1 mountain ash. In my backyard I have 1 maple tree, 1 pear tree, 1 cherry tree, and Lilacs all around the perimeter. 16 true trees in all. I also live in a city.
  8. Stink, I'm using my Dad's 50.6 k connection and it's buffering 1% every 3 seconds. I hate this I Hate This I HATE THIS! Sorry, but I'm sure you understand...
  9. Oh, wait, you're Chiche? Cool, Y don't you just use your previous account?
  10. Wow, Arg, that was good. I wouldn't remember that if my life depended on it.
  11. *Sigh* The Welding Welding Handbook, or something like that...
  12. The part when that lady messes up singing and then slipped! That was funny. That one with the CS player, too. He's so animated about everything.
  13. Haha, imagine if you just kicked into fighting gear right away! It would have ruined both your days, I think.
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