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  1. Besides, it's not like we're going to sell the game; we're just giving it away...
  2. I do have one, but it's not about me... One of my brothers and his friend were playing with airsofts in front of a highway one time, and and pretty soon, several police cars screeched to a halt near the area and drew beads on their faces. It took a little while for them to realize it was not a joke and these were real police, with real guns. After that, my dad said that if my brother wanted to play airsoft out near the highway, he would need to call the chief of police. It was pretty funny, now that I look back at it...
  3. So do I! I fact, we should have cheats for all the Halo characters! Think of the ramifications!
  4. Since I'm Gaulish/Polish (I know, Poland din't exist back then), I think I will choose the Iberians.
  5. Have a great time, Josh! @Lorian: Man, you have fast internet! Mines only 1 mb!
  6. I think SGE says it for me, except for the "(even though I never knew you)" part.
  7. Oh, that's why. I tried to translate it on the babelfish program but all that appeared was "Japanese ha mada desu." Either that or "Japan ha mada desu" one of those.
  8. Wow! that's very extreme! It's about 27 C in my house.
  9. Right... but what do they own, or should I say "pwn"? The rights to the dumpster?
  10. That's even worse... now that's what I'm expecting... I think I have everything in perspective now...
  11. And an oppresive government. That goes hand-in-hand with taxes. Or vice versa...
  12. Welcome m8! Do you have a nickname we can call you?
  13. It's cooling down now. About 91-93 now. We finally sucked it in and turned the AC on! I am unable to conceal my happiness and joy!
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