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  1. Officially over akya from this day. This is OMG situation. Poor Amy, wonder why she can't post anymore...
  2. Well, indeed it was the problem. But I had fun with Esperanto, which isn't different much from either French or Spanish in a lot of manners.
  3. Studied Spanish 2 years, I got bored :| But it seems that I can still understand written Spanish...
  4. In French, that annoying servant is called "Père Fouettard". But here, in Quebec, we lost the Père Fouettard tradition from the beginning. We only had the "Père Noël", and the punition was to have nothing on Christmas (or, it is said, a potato rather than an orange)
  5. Will be close to go over the one who referred me here (akya)
  6. Worst of all, he's wrong They didn't create it, but deformed him into that character... (Santa Claus is way older, going back to at least 1000 years)
  7. The answers explain it all : When you'll be able consider what you have done, you'll be able to do everything. I missed all.
  8. Elen síla! Hehe, hope you will have fun browsing through the forums. And you arrived at the best moment, with the Wiki-based encyclopedia about Tolkien's work Ardaquenta
  9. Argilius : Japanese for "Stupid Layman" (indeed, Bakayaro (Fuhe)'s translation is quite correct as well ) But I would have written it "Bakayarou" as I am purist
  10. Your nickname scares me. Hopefully, it's Americanised Still, WFG he youkoso!
  11. We call that "pessimism"... And maybe it will happen, one day... PS : Can I be slaped for correcting a native?
  12. I remember mine turned on a debate around French with Curufinwe Well, it's a way to discover someone, after all...
  13. Well, a lot of merchant in Southeast Asia are Chinese so know Hanzi. This is then possible, even now I know that, for myself, I'd understand someone writing me kanji in his hand and show it to me, and even reply .
  14. Kanji = Characters of Han China So, yes (almost) all characters are Chinese, and the Japanese ackowledge this in their language. The Logo is written in a very old style, that only Chinese people use, that came just before the Kaisho style (the one that Japanese use the most). It is a rather solenel writing, and properly used as the logo of WFG. Japanese and Chinese (and to some level Korean and Vietnamese) use the same kanji, only in different manners. (Chinese will use it for all their morphems, where Japanese will only use it for radicals. Korean will use it to make a sentence clear, as there are a lot of synonyms, and Vietnamese will only use it as a fetiche writing on temples or wishing things, they only use on a legal basis the alphabet they have nowadays (though they used to only use Chinese characters, and as far as I know, it was a pain!..)
  15. I can finally use my kanji-writer 火 Well here is the kanji used as WFG's logo. FFとアニメーションについての仕事がありません。 何を言うか。ぜんぜん分からない。キーボードは今あるが、言う物がないよ。 あ、友達は漫画にした僕の物語りをよみたい。でも、僕のえがき方はとても下手だからしない。みたければ、そこを見て下さい:http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.p...ype=post&id=264 上手だけど。 So, to translate what I said with Japanese, I just translated that there were no anime or FF related jobs in WFG, then I began to ask myself what I could say in Japanese, and that now that I have my keyboard, I don't know what to say, and then, I remembered that I some friends wanted me to draw my whole story into manga, but that I was poor in drawing, and I showed the only available picture I had on Internet... PS : (Rr! That Japanese keyboard, it uses the English version GRRR again!)
  16. It is not the most killing Earthquake in history. There have been more catastrophic ones in history. I agree with SoggyFrog here. Men can kill a lot more.
  17. I met akya at school, she learned I liked Tolkien a lot (and also languages a lot). Then, she showed me some topic (which I cannot recall) and asked me to comment. Then, for a few times, nothing more, though I still spoke with akya, and we grew to be good friends in the while, and again she showed me the TLA forum, but what jumped me in are the RPT II in GD and a linguistic thread in HoI (note that those two forums are those on which I post the most). And this way I learned about TLA, then WFG, and still only a little on 0AD. [And, as I said once in some interview here, I don't really play computer games (except SimCitys ) ]
  18. It was a question I was to ask, if it reached Western Australia or the Northern Territories, since they are both close to the Indian ocean. And those statistics quoted by Argilius are those I have heard from my father today. Huge disaster... That will hurt more...
  19. It is old, but it is not finish, in fact, it didn't really begin. I must still first write it. My last one was a bit too long (I need about 5 minutes, I had for probably 15!), so I'll need to go on essential points. To answer to Jeru, the title will be "Yayoi no Yume", which means "Dream of Spring", and it will speak about my oldest dream I ever had about society and countries. I once had a dream where I described what is probably my most wished country. (In my speech, I'll call it simply "Kuni", "the Country", marvellous Japanese.) I'll describ it, and try to see how it could ease the world to use such political system. My BIG problem is that, unlike for most people, I'll be the one to write my text in Japanese. For others, the teachers will help them in translating. It will probably be better this way though, since I'll fully understand what I'll be saying. SO not only will I have to speak it, but I'll have to compose it. I hope to have it done by mid-january. It will be possible, I think. [Note : I feel like I'll be cheating, though officially I will be all correct. It's because they require two levels : how mny years did you study Japanese at school, and how many years did you live in Japan. Never went there, and only had two small courses, so I'm a "beginner", but I could have gone in the "intermediaire" class, as it is my technical level... My teacher said : take advantage of this and win it all ... ] I'll give you a glimpse to my speech here (by writing the text in both majiri, kana and rômaji (this last one all will be able to read!) ).
  20. It happened sometimes around 23h00 25th december (UTC) since I heard of it about 30 minutes after then. Indeed it's huge. Tsunami went on the shores of Sri Lanki, India, Bengladesh, Indonesia (Sumatra) and Thailand, and maybe elsewhere. This provoked the worst damage, since the earthquake itself was submarine.
  21. I would use Kanjikana-majiri, but my computer where I am now just won't let me do so. I'd have fun writing everything in that, since I like to write those kana (especially the hiragana yu, just so marvellous...).
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