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  1. Well, in the Green Dragon, we call them RPT, Role Playing Topic (or Thread). It's a Tolkien-based one, though :|
  2. This comes from the normal rendering of my name in Japanese : Yuugo Rasyaperu (UGLY! but really close to how I actually pronouce my name in English) In Japanese, a diminutive is created with "-chan" in front of your name (or a debased form of it, here Yuu). So, Yuu-chan... This is used by a friend I call Mii-chan (her name is Emilie, Emiri in Japanese)
  3. Always hard to get used to some other name...
  4. Even then, if we are still alive, we will be able to speak about the World's End and the New Beginning
  5. In fact, it could be a great name, Red having a lot of connotations. In Japanese culture, it is the color of brightness, intelligence, vivid and everything positive. The sun is drawn red by a Japanese, never yellow (as we see it in Occident). In our Occidental culture, it has connotations of fierciness and courage, but also killing...
  6. Hehe. I knew someone in times way before I ever came here, that called me Yiu (from the first part of Yiu-El, the old form of Yiuel.) I had an interesting talk with a friend of mine regarding nicknames. Could they eventually evolve to become our real names? I for example could be called Yiuel without any problem. I would even be honoured to be called so. Other possible nicknames are : Melville LeMelvillois (my actual pseudopatronym) Dunumij (This being from the fact I am the inventor of Thenqol, not because of RPT II, BO ) Tama (the actual Japanese translation of my name : family name would be Kodera (Lachapelle) or Kitashima (LeMelvillois))
  7. Well, I've seen it was common for people to call me in those posts **Yieul (It's even in my profile in 0AD...), but my nickname actually is Yiuel, coming from Yiu-El, and backwards from U-L (pronouce them), hence from my real name Ugo Lachapelle... And Yieul is so ugly to my ears, since it is close to Quebec French Yeule, from French Gueule, meaning "jaws"... Hehe, would like to understand why so much people use Yieul... Yiuel LeMelvillois
  8. I know that HoI will never, this world being full of subjects to discuss:)
  9. I could look for them again, there are a lot to use. Some of them are available in Wikipedia (Kepler's law and the Gravitational law) while others (as for a distance good for life and mensurations of star) are a little more difficult to find. Well, as for me, it is a little bit stranger. In the "main story" (in fact, I should say, the stories that relates to what I WANT to describ the MOST), you have a human population (yes, Terrans as you and I) that will go upon that planet looking for an exil place. [Not that they have been banned, but they had no more a place on Earth where to live, their last realm being utterly invaded by all the other people of Earth.] Then, they'll fall on a world that they will call "Ien" (esperanto for "somewhence", to somewhere),and they will live on a small island west to the main (not to say, only) continent of that world. One of those Terrans will flee, for strictly personal reasons, and he will go upon an inhabitant of that planet (my dear Lewmijxatsan, or French "Leumihatsan"), and there discover that Ien (called Tawsaw by that inhabitant, which will give the more common word Taasao) is a diversified planet... Well, you have basically 10 top regions (Tudhadom), each consisting of dozens of regions, whih all divides in cultural families, all dividing into civilisations, then cultures... So,count it, there are thousands of different cultures, not to say millions, each having its own pecularities (I'll have a lot to work!). In fact, the word "Tawsaw" isn't the most popular word for that planet, it only happens to be the first indigenous word used to be found.(as much as the culture of that inhabitant, Leumihatsan, isn't the biggest at all. In her civilisation, her culture is quite a small one, not to say within the smallest ones...) I've created one language for now (the yet to be famous Thenqol, in which Leumihatsan speaks and sings, her being a singer), but I know I'll have dozens to (at least partially) create. I've also settled some details for its culture. What I have described is another realistic of those worlds : they aren't "monolithic" worlds. It is not for nothing that we turned out to be various people, the process may differ, but it will probably be close. (Star Trek is here the worst example,while Star Wars seemed to have digged a little more in it). You can also diversify biologically one world. As for Taasao, I'll speak of an entire family of speicies, encompassing at least two genres and dozens of spiecies, within which you'll have drastic physical (so called racial) difference (now both StarTrek and War are close to pessimal, Metaverse's Almea is here the best example (on which I gained much of my inspiration), though it is not properly a so Sci-Fi world, but rather fantastic.) Indeed, Tawsaw isn't the sole planet or world to be described. Earth changed a lot since our days and also needs a description, and there are in my stories dozens of other worlds to describ...
  10. Be afraid : Tawsaw is the planet, Kin is its star. Mass of Tawsaw : 2,6258 x 10^28 kg Radius of Tawsaw : 414 761 km (Diameter : 829 522 km, Cricumference : 2 606 020 km) Medial distance between Tawsaw and Kin : 125 168 538 km Revolution of Tawsaw around Kin : 0,7994 terrestrial years (25228821 s) Gravitational acceleration of Tawsaw at sea level : 10,19 m/s² Medial density of Tawsaw : 87,9 kg/m³ (Water = 1000 kg/m³) Horizon on Tawsaw : 40,7 km Mass of Kin = 0,9031 suns Luminosity of Kin = 0,7 suns Spectral Class of Kin = G1 (a little dimmer than Sun)
  11. Mr.C(hristian I suppose) : Well well, welcome It's fun to create worlds isn't it? I hope you never went through all astronomical details about it though... It's so much a pain . I have my own world as well, and I have made astrophysical calculations in order to fit gravity and other such physical laws... My favortie Sci-Fi though turned out to be Babylon 5.
  12. In Canada, it seems we go small and quick (Bonbardier's Regional Jet). But we also have a long bridge : The Confederation Bridge, an old promise to PEI.
  13. Probably not, or if you can, not as clearly as we can see the Moon. Remember that we don't see much the ground of Titan from space, we probably don't see space from Titan as well. But it would be a splendid view!
  14. Lorian : Look on the website. You have a photo where you clearly see the mountain's natural slopes : it has no snow on it. This is how I implied. Quite used to distinguish the difference.
  15. Artificial snow, berk! (Clear from the pictures that it was artificial snow!) Between 12 and 16, I used to ski a lot. It faded with time when my sister switched to snowboard (I was then alone, since I hated snowboard) and when my father switched to snowshoe. I could probably still ski, and I can go on most trails
  16. About Mars' redness, I've read a few things, but maybe the most significant proof about the "more losely looking as Earth" are the visible images taken from up above the surface. The surface shown isn't reddish (as we see it on the numerous photos in situ) buta rather yellowish orange. But there are indeed strange photos as well. Marvellous Titan. Who wants to be a Titanian?
  17. Well, it was quite easy to me to quickly use all those conjugations.
  18. - 20 F? Hmmm... Makes close to -30 C. Not enough cold here to have no school. -40 (F/C, it's the same) is more of such temperature here. We never had it though in Montreal. As for snow, you need a big snowfall (more than 30) to have no school.
  19. I don't think there's a practical limit to the number of threads, especially when you use Chinese characters But, a lot of topic aren't there because we don't feel either a need to talk about it or, we have some limits about what to talk. I could speak of a lot of things, I guess.
  20. The only reason why I switched to Firefox is because my IE didn't want me to see my gmail. I downloaded it, it worked, and I gradually got used to it. And, since then, I'm probably in heaven and don't realize it much. Oh well! (Oh, and I only pledged by IE before ) Welcome!
  21. Welcome! You'll see all sorts of people here. (Me being the worst example )
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