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  1. I would invest more in artistic and independent filmmakers. I would lower the amount of action blockbusters (most end up sucking anyway) and sequels (not preplanned sequels, but those done because the original made big cash) and never allow a revival of a movie 5 years after it came out (Jurrassic Park 3, Terminator 3, Star Wars)
  2. Actually, right now the Brazilian team sucks, or there's some deal being made (I think they lost the last two world cups... or maybe they lost 98 and won 02... either way they're not the same as before) Before those they were the best, hands down
  3. BRASIL!!!!!! (I did not mispell, I'm spelling it in portuguese)
  4. Well, promised I would remember something... This isn't as scary as intriguing, but... My grandfather (who was very much a christian) was having dinner with a friend of his. After dinner, while my grandma and the guy's wife were cleaning the table they stepped outside for some fresh air and my grandpa noticed a light in the sky. He had been a airplane mechanic in WWII and he said that no plane could stand still like that light, and there was no helicopter sound so he was positive that was not it either. Then, after he pointed it out to his friend and called the women to see, it just dissapeared, they saw it shoot off towards the left faster than anything my grandad has ever seen and once it went out of sight behind the rooftop, they couldn't fidn again. Anyway, he doesn't believe in UFOs, and he doesn't consider that an UFO but he can't explain it either. So a UFO sighting is just two generations away from me.
  5. Basically post scary stories, or happenings or situations that happened to you or you've heard of. Or simple link/quote a scary text that got you nervous once... just share freaky and scary stories I don't have one right now, will try to remember one.
  6. Quacker, you posted three pictures - your learner's permit has an extra one I'll get around to scanning one eventually.
  7. Lol, at least no body said "This Thread".... that would be funny
  8. This is against my shy nature, but anyway, reply if you feel like it
  9. I actually, even seeing the hard work that everyone is putting in to it (a bonus of working on TLA) still voted could be faster but it's good enough (or something like that) because I didn't expect to find the don't rush it at the bottom. And it's not because ppl aren't working at it fast enough, it's just that I'm comparing it to Dawn of Fantasy... but really, that's not smart to compare... just think it could be faster (as in I would not complain if it was faster) but everyone is doing a great job, and I would not ask for them to work more... so basically, this is a good rate of work... and I think if it seems slow, it's to those that can't see the inner workings.
  10. That trailer was dissapointing, the only thing I liked was the music (parts of it). Colin Farrel looks odd and out of place and the elephant shot seemed cheezy.
  11. It's admitting you did somehting wrong... have you ever been relunctant to tell your parents about something bad you did? same thing.
  12. King Arthur - Looks really good! Can't wait to see this one! Hannibal - Yea, heard the rumours but haven't seen anything else. But sounds interesting. Troy - I liked it, if for nothing else Achilles was awesome. But then I never read the Illiad so I'm sure if I did I would be horrified! Alexander1 - Leonardo is actually a good actor, I like him, but I'm not sure he fits in this role. Kidman is good. Alexander2 - Colin Farrel is not much better to play the role, but he's cool so it's forgivable. Angelina Jolie (playing his mother) is more appropriate than Kidman so I guess it's this one I prefer. I think that's all the historical ones in the horizon.
  13. It does indeed mean As Soon As Possible, but I've ever always said as A-S-A-P... not A-Sap, never heard that.
  14. I can't say I've been here as long as Wijit, but I have been here longer than Adam. I remember first being attracted by Josef's LOTR mod (now TLA) and while reading that massive thread, and participating in it a guy (who at the time felt like a show-off outsider) came showed us two 3D works of Noldor elves and a Gandalf (both based on movie, both extremely excellent). LOL, at the time I remember saying "heh, I like Josef's works better" but that's before I knew Adam was going to get involved with TLA (I thought he was just showing off, hey I was foolish at the time... merely a pup to the community). When Josef left and TLA was already down the path to become a game, Adam took over and I continued to follow it as a fan. Eventually I was asked to join, or I asked, I don't remember. Been with TLA ever since. When you think about it, it's funny how THE purist Tolkien project began as a movie-based mod!
  15. I would be Achilles, go to war against Troy anyway, save Achilles' name and allow Brad Pitt to make money ha! Achilles rocks!
  16. Ok, now get ready for Elfy's Burgers (TM thing) Ok, first you'll need burger patties, avaiable in every store. Preferable if not seasoned, maybe a requirement, I only use non-seasoned. Now sprinkle Salt, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder on one side. The flip it over and put "Season-All" seasoning on the other (http://www.mccormick.com/productdetail.cfm?ID=6393). The exact quantities I don't know, it's mostly on a trial and error thing. This must be done while it's still frozen. Then heat up your grill (gas or wood or whatever, but if there's smoke it will taste better) and grill them. Now add on your basic hambuger stuff, like tomatoes, lettuce, cheese (cheddar is my recommendation), pickles, mustard, ketchup and mayo. All in some hamburger bun, specific type doesn't matter. Trust me, that's the best seasoning I've ever tasted and hopefully the best you've ever tasted *checks to see if there's frozen burger patties*
  17. Go to Illwillpress.com and clikc on Toons, a bunch of hilarious flash cartoons. But there is bad language and offensive material in these cartoons, you have been warned! IllWillPress
  18. Since I'm usually in no hurry, I don't use the forums that often and only when I have time... I just usually open two windows, one for replies and one for quoting ppl and finding info.
  19. Let's see, TLA game design work (excel is fun ) Planning, rather, thinking of TLA campaigns and scenarios... Writting a Sci-Fi book, not at a very fast rate Two or three school projects Playing Age of Mythology, Savage, War of the Ring and Rise of Nations... plus planning a future AoK tournament I think that's it, no actual scenario projects, because my AoK campaign was destroyed due to a crashed HD (at first I was fairly happy because it had come to a dead stop due to crashings... but recently I'm kind of missing it). So I might start a AoM scenario to get 'back in the game' or maybe War3...
  20. If means you are kidding: If you are not kidding: They are posted.
  21. That article is obviously a lie, and a pathetic one at that! *Martian Bunny jumps out of jacket* There are no such beings as Martian Bunny Rabbits, and they in no way have Earth informants! *grabs Martian Bunny and stuff into jacket again*
  22. Me too, though it rarely affects my grade, as I always get it done. But I guess if I worked earlier I wouldn't have to be as worried near the end Though procrastination might have helped in Story writting contest
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