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  1. I don't like snow when i have to go to school I have to ride 10 km to the train station and when it has snowed i go real slow but it look pretty
  2. i have no idea, my parent say not, but they don't no any further then there grandparents
  3. don't watch many tv shows, but i like the dutch 'Baantjer' very much
  4. the netherlands finaly won 6-0 against scotland
  5. hey i got somethink like that don't have picture tho
  6. Welcome to WFG Shiva hope you like your stay here
  7. the Netherlands was good, but last few years they suck
  8. well if everybody go's home, then i will stay
  9. I got: 127 had some problems with those english questions tho
  10. right now only some Java books for school, but finished Tolkien books few weeks ago
  11. Town: Almen Province: Gelderland Country: The Netherlands
  12. have played it and it was quite fun, but i like Raven shield better
  13. I was searching for a Morrowind LOTR mod, but found a link to TLA somewhere
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