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  1. Night Hawk was already taken on the older forums so i switched to Black Hawk Night Hawk i made up about 3 a 4 years ago, not know how exacly
  2. WMP, BS player and quicktime for movies, winamp for mp3's
  3. hehe, well i think our current logo looks really profesional
  4. welcome to WFG Ph4ntom and keep those fans comming
  5. it's time to move on, haven't checked them anyway lately
  6. nice job BeachHead, i mostly make plain 3d models but i'm experimenting with effects haven't posted any artwork before and because I'm a 3D artist for TLA I should show some things i made so here are some moddels from me (most of them are not textured): apache: http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/AH64.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/A64-2.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/A64-3.jpg a house from LOTR movie http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/elf%2...%20+%20boom.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/elfhuis2.jpg just a truck http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/truck.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/truck2.jpg some older models i made (not real good qualety http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/3dmax/knight.jpg http://members.lycos.nl/nighthawk125/3dmax/nuke7.jpg
  7. lol, nice article wijit, first computer i had was a C64 that was great fun
  8. we shoot only give donations as a reward, not because they don't post that much
  9. welcome to wfg as a RTS player make sure you chack both 0AD and TLA
  10. yes we could activate 'THE' Super Secret Anti-Wijit Defence Systems © but i can't remmeber where the start button is
  11. tnx everybody, it's a real great honor to help at wfg
  12. that would be recommanded specs for full detail i think
  13. thats a realy good id you should make it form points to gold coins or something like that
  14. Good bye Swellick, just come and check te forums once in a while
  15. plot is most important to me, but huge armys and blowing stuff up is indeed good point to
  16. I passed the test. I will diminish and go into the West and remain Black Hawk
  17. Dexertri and intelligents, race, current level but how does RPGing works on a forum?
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