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  1. welcome Dark Angel i think he means more users on the forums
  2. over here http://www.compdimension.nl/forum/ in "de funny stuff thread"
  3. something like this would be cool http://members.chello.nl/~s.ferris/images/Dsc00065.jpg
  4. you should have none better Khazun, this way you're hurting people feeling
  5. welcom back khazun, i'm sure adam would be glad to send you the info you need
  6. cataphracts in Medieval total war are great units too but i prefer Royal Knights
  7. there are many good movies, but i think those from WC3 are the best
  8. i want Rome: Total war, but i have to wait another year for that
  9. welcome to WFG Spiiietz, make sure you check out 0AD and TLA
  10. i'm still learing in medieval can beat the computer sometimes i'm good at Rainbow six: Raven shield and IL2 forgotten battles
  11. i like mine, it's a malorn tree that growed in Lorien (a huge tree who looked like it was made from silver with golden leaves) it's the banner of the Galadhrim (3th age Teleri)
  12. UFO's are the elves from valinor returning to earth i think there are many explenations for UFO's, some are meteors, some are militaire aircrafts (i think) mostly people see only lights, but cann't identify it
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