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  1. my parent don't realy know what I do online, and they don't realy care
  2. atleast it's not common here, problebly depends on the person you talking to
  3. I'm dutch but I don't do it that way, as far as I know "Great !" etc. is wrong
  4. yeah pinguins are cool http://www.feelosophee.com/pinguin.swf
  5. i would love to participate, but my english isn't good enough
  6. where are the dutch frogs?? i'm going to get myself an army of dancing bananas
  7. number 2 and 3 can only say something if they are sure, but because they aren't number 1 knows it's black but I don't know the right combinations right now
  8. Tim can't you install some mod so you can hide some text? and when you have reply your able to see the hiden text? can't find the awnser, I know there have to be a trick or some kind
  9. I made movies from Il2 (flight sim) with background music
  10. wohoo I always wanted Fingolfin's emblem tnx Adam
  11. cool landscapes it's like a barren waistland here j/k but I don't think there is any cool landscape here wierd dances...
  12. this is spam: http://dept.physics.upenn.edu/~pcn/spam.gif lets eat
  13. it shows people we're mentaly insane or I'm some AI thingy
  14. after I get those bugs fixt, mine would be the best of the world [mechanical voice]Mhuhahaha, the world is mine[/mechanical voice] ....ehh *********** stupid thing
  15. good luck to you ZeZar, I think the most important tips are named here just make sure you tell is if everything works out
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