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  1. I think it's a great step forward, but it will cost loats of money
  2. My English doesn't make any sense to myself most of the time
  3. [mechanical voice]I am a robot, take me to your leader[/mechanical voice] ehh.. darn bugs
  4. your making us curius all how is older than 18 years plz raise your hands, everybody else close your eyes *raises hand
  5. 'which', I don't know why, but somehow I always have trouble with spelling that word
  6. Khazun the wonder doctor about love speaking anyway I would choose: to make every person respect each other that way most wars would end and people would help each other more
  7. i hate those stupid mosquito's I say let's kill them all the animals that scare me the most are those tiny creatures, who have that deadly poisson, like tropical spiders or something like that, something so tiny, but so deadly
  8. i don't know yet what i'm going to do in the summer
  9. i could do that I think, just play Medieval Total war and watch the replay several time but my english isn't realy good for a long story maby a 3D grafics contest, like create your own made-up village
  10. but, I tought he was allowed to do that? he's afterall our: 'Offical WFG forum spammer' and that's quite an honor if I may say so
  11. as long as there are evil-dark killer monkey's The New Shadow, isn't that a story form 4 age ? haven't heart much about it
  12. well I have no idea maby 'LOTR the second incoming' ofcourse with Middle-Earth killer Monkey's
  13. hehe, Khazun is quite buzy lately on WFG
  14. well i'm trying to make something like that but it's just a huge amount of work and don't have any city-plan or something
  15. i even got a castle named Mont st. Michel (i've been there on vacation few year ago) http://www.webfoot.com/travel/guides/franc...mt.st.mike.html we could make our own army right now some more info about Michael: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/10275b.htm
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