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  1. How mechanically inclined are you ? Please give an example.
  2. Could you put up the one smilie that shows big teeth (an evil grin) ?
  3. I was in the school computer room this lunchtime and I saw a 11 years-old kid programming HTML. I made my first sites at this age, but didn't get into hand coding until at least a year later. Was funny to see...made me feel old.
  4. I have check the other communities and I find it quite confusing why they a Community News & Announcements Forum as well.
  5. 10 here. Cool, I am a WFG Enthusiast now. Whoever said that up, top grono !
  6. Seems only RTS and FPS have been voted for.
  7. Yeah, Cataphracts rule. I would go for a cataphract/Spearman combo.
  8. Heya, just wanted to say hello to everyone here. I am a 14 year old pupil from Schöneiche (a village near Berlin) and found this (great) site via Google. Hello !
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