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  1. Yeah, it's too bad! But I'll still work on some Joe fan art when I get a chance. It's just too bad Wildfiregames can't be a sponser anymore.
  2. afaik - as far as I know wrt - with respect to cya - see you ttyl - talk to you later brb - be right back
  3. Unfortunately I cannot comment on this at this time. It may be down for a while. Sorry about the notice. I'll give you more information when I know more information.
  4. Thanks guys! Most of this was actually self taught. But our next assignment will use more new things that I had no idea about.
  5. Wow, nice question! I think sleep would be nice. Then projects... soo many projects. This one is going to take more time to think about!
  6. Woah! Did anyone see this? http://www.nintendo.com/zeldaclassic/ Oh and by the way. What game can you think of that Xbox will make that will be their mascott? Halo? DOA? Mario and Luigi ... well lets just say those names don't really need any introduction. As far as the hardware capabilities. If GameCube had the GPU speed Xbox has... oh wait it almost does! And 1T-SRam is stinkin fast. What about the loading time? I mean does it really need to take forever to load a game? I'd say no... so that's why I like GameCube's compact disc design. And my final complaint in this post is that what games does Xbox play that the PC can't? Wait what's this? How about Nintendo's games? No young sirs, I'm not a Nintendo-fanboy. I'm simply a genuine gamer and proud of it! Better quality, better gameplay, and a better system.
  7. Link to my final 3D Project Render This took probably a total of 2 weeks. But in actual time... like 48-72 hours. Our next assignment is animation. So I'll keep you guys posted.
  8. It also uses a global illumination system. So the lighting of everything is almost photorealistic!
  9. I agree with Wijit. Is it me or do the women come out after you when you're with someone?!
  10. Hey thanks guys!! I can now legally drink. But I will probably stay away from doing that since I don't have that habbit... why start it?!
  11. Woah! Good idea!! A nuke would be awesome to recreate! Thanks guys!
  12. Hey guys! I wanted to show you my 3D project I'm working on. This is for a class I'm taking. The professor just wanted 6 models and it was suppose to be a still life. I posted it here because it looks better and it's easier to see when it's next to a dark background: 3D project I'll show the end result when I finish it! Who knows it will probably be totally different!
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