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  1. I wrote an FAQ answer about the sound system used by 0 A.D. Scroll down and read the answer to "No sound, no audio, or 0 A.D. is the only app with sound". You'll see details on controlling the audio backend used by OpenAL. It could help with troubleshooting or working around chipmunk sound issues.
  2. This is the image that was posted above. The messages from 20:35 to 20:41 appear to be in-game. The messages from 20:44 onwards are in the lobby. Thanks for the report. Game hosters are expected to moderate in-game chat by first warning then kicking or banning players that are abusive. Ideally the hosters publish rules for games that they host, and enforce those rules. Here is an example. WFG moderators are focused on conduct in the lobby, as well as other WFG servers like the forum, unless the in-game conduct is very bad, as in this example. I observed Pauline09's conduct in the lobby and muted Pauline09 for 24 hours for the profanity and pejoratives that Pauline09 used. I will keep an eye on the user and they'll get consequences for further infractions. _Diogene, in the future, please don't insult people, even those who are being abusive. You called Pauline a coward and loser. These are mild, but two wrongs don't make a right. Let's just report people and try to seek peace. Thanks for the report, keep posting them. The mainlog.html files are more useful because they include all chat from the game, which gives more context. They can be parsed with this program. You don't need to run the program, just post the mainlog.html file in the future.
  3. I moved your post to the correct forum topic. You need to post a replay of the game. See the first post in this topic for instructions.
  4. Translated to English with Google Translate, you said, "some servers I get this msg udp 20595 someone help me please." There is an answer to this in the FAQ. Visit the link, scroll down, and read the answer to the question, "Failed to connect to the server. UDP port 20595 not being forwarded."
  5. It's probably the case that the user can't join due to not having autocivp installed. The setting "ignoreIncompatibilityChecks" set to false combined with dependencies of autocivP >= 1.0.18 causes autocivP to be REQUIRED in order for anyone to join your game. Unfortunately, there is no option with mod.json to enforce a minimum version of autocivP but also make autocivP optional.
  6. In the Match Setup screen, click the Player menu at the right, then change the Population Cap from 300 to Unlimited. Here is a screenshot showing in the red box where to find the Population Cap setting after clicking "Player" at the right.
  7. I found an article that explains why STUN doesn't work when Carrier-Grade NAT is involved. STUN assumes that the network address translation (NAT) mapping and firewalling preserves the NAT mapping and firewall opening, for return traffic to the source UDP port, regardless of the destination address. CGNAT has endpoint-dependent NAT and firewalling, so STUN doesn't work with it. Solutions for people who have CGNAT. 1. Sign up for public IPv4 address service or, 2. Use a VPN that has endpoint-independent NAT and firewalling. or, 3. Use a VPN that has endpoint-dependent NAT and firewalling, but that supports port forwarding. Enable a port forward to your public address. Host the game on the port that you have forwarded. or, 4. Same as solution 3, but instead of hosting, apply a patch to the game to control the source port for the outgoing connection. Ensure that 0ad uses the port number that you have forwarded as its source port for the outgoing connection. Connect to the friend's game as a client.
  8. Your request for appeal of moderator action was evaluated seriously, investigated, information supplied to WFG staff, and ultimately found to not describe valid, significant moderator misconduct. Certain posts of yours were hidden because they were not compliant with the rules, for example contained false statements, contained profanity or pejoratives, or were public appeal of moderator action instead of private. I have invited you to talk to us on IRC to clear up misconceptions, but you have declined numerous times. Hopefully you will change your mind. You made notification to the top WFG staff including Stan, Itms, etc., and they DID NOT agree with your assessment of moderator misconduct. Perhaps you have not supplied enough information in order to properly investigate the issue(s) or you have supplied inaccurate information, or you have made assumptions that are incorrect (e.g. "Norse_Harold is CaptainBlueSky"), or you have misinterpreted the rules such as the lobby terms of use. Please check for one or more of these errors, make corrections and approach us again with patience and courtesy. I guess that the real issue you want help with is the trouble that you described joining games. You said that it was ongoing for months or years. If you can describe the issue in more detail then I'm sure that we can help you resolve it. Please provide a screenshot of the error message. You can attach it to a post or private message. My guess for the cause of the problem is the regicide+hero garrison bug. A workaround is described in ticket 6629. Please acknowledge this in order to proceed. Have you read the above [Y/n]? What is the error message? Please include a screenshot. What are the steps to reproduce the symptoms? Have you tried the workaround for the bug described in comment 3 of ticket 6629 [Y/n]? Have you tried backing up your user.cfg and matchsettings.json and deleting them [Y/n]? Did backing up your user.cfg and matchsettings.json and deleting them resolve the problem [Y/n]? What time are you available to talk on IRC? In what time zone do you reside? Thank you.
  9. For the record, Yekaterina has been lying about what happened with Restorative Justice and our Element conversations. The accusations of moderator abuse are false, which is why the posts were hidden at first. Then a different moderator, who does not have awareness of the situation to determine who is telling the truth, un-hid the posts. That moderator did this without consulting any other WFG staff before, during or after that action. That resembled a situation where two people were fighting for control of the steering wheel of a vehicle. That's a recipe for disaster, so someone needs to yield. I decided to stop posting in this thread for a while. Yekaterina has claimed that only one type of evidence, and only one piece of it, was used to justify banning NitroVicky and inzhu. This is false. The evidence that NitroVicky and inzhu were duplicates of Yekaterina was a lot more than one type or piece of evidence, and it was checked out by the other WFG staff. Banning NitroVicky and inzhu were not mistakes. Mistakes, let's see. I made a mistake by believing that Yekaterina was a real friend and was making progress toward stopping the misconduct. Apparently it was just "calm before the storm" or a reconnaissance period by Yekaterina to try to learn how we detected that it was Yekaterina, or an accomplice of Yekaterina, who did the lobby spamming and other misconduct, how we detected Yekaterina's alternate accounts, how much we knew about Yekaterina's capabilities and skills, etc. That evidence will remain sealed in order to protect our investigation capabilities, slow down or prevent Yekaterina's attempts to counter them, as well as to ensure privacy of perpetrators, investigators, and victims. Yekaterina's accusations toward me are false. There are probably ways to demonstrate that without revealing the evidence listed above. Anyone who wants to talk about it, please contact me via forum PM or IRC, and we can have a polite and reasonable discussion about it. Yekaterina, even though you have betrayed me and spread false rumors about me, I continue to hold the door open to conflict resolution. I appreciate your positive contributions to the community like writing guides for newbies, being an OP player who does not swear or insult other players, creating abstractGUI mod and splitting its features into smaller mods based on public demand (part of restitution work for RJ), creating a campaign teaching players booming skills which is still a work in progress (also part of restitution work), developing improved AI, bringing friends into the game and development work, and having our interesting and informative personal conversations since April, 2023. You can come back to Element and talk to me. I will be more cautious when talking to you, but I will (continue to) not be abusive. Restorative Justice remains optional, and will, as always, only be done on a voluntary basis for both parties in each case (both Yekaterina and WFG, both weirdJokes and Yekaterina, both sanafur and Yekaterina). The alternative is to "sit out" the ban for its duration. But, realize that the duration is based on your behavior, not a set duration. Restorative Justice would hopefully speed up that process, so it's a win-win for you and for WFG, as well as the 0ad player base.
  10. Yekaterina as uitgezonderd attempted to post numerous lies and a one-sided assessment of the restorative justice process and our Element conversations. This is yet another reason that appeal of moderator action must be done privately instead of publicly. This thread is locked. From the boilerplate Invision Community forum terms of use: "You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use this bulletin board to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law."
  11. The evidence is sealed. It has been shown to WFG staff and they have ruled that the accounts are sufficiently likely to be Yekaterina's duplicate accounts as to be banned.
  12. It's confirmed to the best of our ability. You must not be familiar with how sophisticated Yekaterina is at hiding his/her duplicate accounts. Silier, you are approaching this issue without complete information. Please stay out of it unless you want to un-retire and get brought up to speed about it. Also, appeal of moderator action must be done privately, not publicly.
  13. Incorrect. With no ratified rules then admins can enforce any rules they choose. Therefore choosing to enforce the draft code of conduct is a voluntary restriction on power. We need to prevent duplicate accounts in order to prevent ban bypassing. In the case of Yekaterina it's especially important. Yekaterina is very skilled at creating duplicate accounts. Yekaterina admitted to creating elaborate identities for several of his/her accounts in the past, including personal details, interests, personality, location, family and friends. Yekaterina wrote the information down and followed the script whenever playing as one of Yeka's characters. NitroVicky and inzhu have been confirmed by WFG staff, not just me, to be highly likely to be duplicate accounts of Yekaterina. This is ban bypassing. Please encourage Yekaterina to fulfill the requirements in order to get the ban lifted and Yeka's reputation restored. It's best for the community as well as Yekaterina. Yekaterina has complained many times to me privately about not being trusted in the community. That's karma for how much Yekaterina has lied. Restorative Justice would help to restore Yekaterina's reputation and resolve a lot of stress that Yekaterina has expressed (s)he has experienced about accusations of being Shyft_Sierra, others sharing Yeka's personal information against the rules, etc. Let's please act like a community that cares about not getting the lobby spammed with 500+ messages in a 20 second time period, every half hour, for 10 to 24 hours, every few months. Let's please act like a community that cares about growing the player base and supporting the WFG developers that have donated their time, money and parts of their lives to make a fun game for us. Let's please act like a community that cares about the well-being of Yekaterina and doesn't support ban bypassing, which increases the expected restitution time for being unbanned. Yekaterina's expected restitution time has been increased by 4 hours due to the recent ban bypass attempts. The total expected time is 52 hours. Yeka has completed a certain significant percentage of that time,.Please encourage Yekaterina to do the right thing, get back in compliance with the rules, and then live happily ever after.
  14. I edited the first post in order to change the title. The title "End of Yekaterina" resembles virtual suicide, a type of violence. Abusive material, such as a threat or encouragement of violence, is not allowed by the draft code of conduct for the forum. Also, the new title, "End of Yekaterina's lying" is more apropriate for the topic, as Yeka decided not to end the account and will instead (hopefully) end the lying. I edited Yekaterina's post on July 20th, 2023, at Yekaterina's request via private communication. Yeka said (s)he couldn't delete an incorrect @-mention, I explained how (backspace over it), offered to do it for Yeka, Yeka agreed and thanked me when it was completed.
  15. Hopefully you're not cheating this way by viewing parts of the map or watching chat that wouldn't otherwise be visible.
  16. People can use multiple instances of the same account, that's fine. The last XMPP instance to connect is the only one that will receive gamelist and rating IQ stanza updates, from what I've seen. Also, the "priority" that each client has, which is often affected by the presence, affects which client receives the gamelist and rating IQ stanzas. When I want to alternate between clients receiving the updates then I find it necessary to reconnect that client to the lobby. And then, yes, there can be a long delay before that client receives updates. That's a known issue, and there's no current solution for it other than to wait for someone (maybe you) to make a change to the game list. That involves changing the visible parameters of a hosted game, changing the users in a hosted game, or creating a new hosted game, Regarding lack of a rating, it's the same issue as with the game list. Follow the procedure that I described in order to ensure that the client will receive and has received the rating IQ stanza before trying to join or host a game. There's an improvement in the works, PubSub, that will hopefully resolve this issue so that the above workaround isn't necessary and each instance will receive the gamelist and rating information.
  17. Thanks for the report. It's helpful. Please be honest about why you were muted. You were muted in the past because you demanded excessive moderator action for i_am_groot and you did not comply with the rule to conduct request for appeal privately instead of publicly. You will never be muted merely for making a report of misconduct, even if it's about my friends.
  18. Use the hashed (encrypted) password from saving the password in user.cfg after a successful login with 0ad. Don't use the plaintext password with a third party XMPP client. If you don't see any games in 0ad it's because you still have an XMPP client connected in the background. Disconnect it, then reconnect 0ad to the lobby. You'll see games. Please behave, don't impersonate others, don't spam, and follow all the rules of the lobby.
  19. Technically, these are the (draft) rules of the forum and other WFG communication systems besides the lobby. 2022-10-19 code of conduct revision 2.pdf See section 9 for some rules that are relevant, such as no personal attacks and not purposefully demeaning the worth of others. Meanwhile, section 10 has restrictions on pornography or other sexually offensive materials. So, imagery of genitalia or sexual intercourse are forbidden, but I don't see rules preventing showing skin on other parts of the body. I think that social media have similar standards. There are even uncensored and non-age restricted videos on Youtube of African tribes with topless women. The reason it's allowed on Youtube is because it's nudity without sexual context. It's a similar situation with 0 A.D. It's bare skin without sexual context. But, I agree with ChronA's statement about rules if it's interpreted as an attempt at describing part of a common moral code that doesn't have bias toward a certain culture or religion, or the volunteerism and nonpartisan culture of WFG developers. Consistent with volunteerism, if you are highly motivated to see a change to the artwork in the game then you can make a mod yourself, or pay a developer to make one, that changes the artwork. You can distribute it, and like-minded people will use it. But, don't expect it to become the new default artwork, unless there is a sea change in the culture of the player base.
  20. I don't get how this is tied together. 1984 and i_am_groot are not tied together. It is a coincidence that they would both receive an official warning. The reason is that 1984 is asking for the threshold to be set very low for issuing an official warning, such that 1984 would also exceed the threshold based on the rules that he has violated in the past and even in this episode. Examples of rules that 1984 has violated: (1) 1984 has used many unauthorized duplicate accounts, (2) 1984 has appealed moderation action publicly instead of privately, (3) 1984 has used profanity and insults with several of his unauthorized duplicate accounts. Of course, I assume that 1984 is not asking for unfair or unequal application of the rules, ie. application of the rules only to i_am_groot and not to himself. Therefore he is apparently asking for a low threshold for official warning in application of the rules. Be careful what you wish for. That would mean that you're crossing that threshold as well as a lot of other users. 1984, I recommend that you talk to the person who was hosting the game at the time and ask them to create and apply rules for their hosted games. That's the first supervisor, and you skipped directly over it. I guess that you are not actually concerned about the rules and instead you're concerned about something else. Another example of a rule violation: you created a game with room name "Harassed by Norse_Harold" several times after you were muted. The reason you were muted was because you continued to request appeal of moderation action publicly instead of privately in the lobby. Of course you'll get attention from a moderator if you're breaking rules and being annoying. The proper procedure for appeal of moderation action is to forum PM Stan and/or Dunedan. Period. Locking this thread.
  21. 1984 if you want i_am_groot to get an official warning then you would be getting an official warning as well for the rules that you broke. Atrik, don't call vinme "vincel" please. It's a combination of "vinme" and "incel" which means "involuntarily celibate". It's a pejorative.
  22. Thanks for the report. Hosters are responsible for moderating in-game conduct unless it's extremely bad. Talk to the hoster at the time and ask them to establish and enforce rules. You are advised to favor joining hosters with rules for their games. Anyway, the misconduct seems very mild to me: one swearword (a---hole). Send evidence of other misconduct and it will be considered.
  23. Hi Wintarus, thanks for posting here about the problem. Can you post a screenshot of the error message and/or attach mainlog.html. This page explains where to find mainlog.html.
  24. Anyone who has observations about who could be doing ddosing, please share the information with lobby moderators. I don't know what questionable moderator you're talking about. I have consistently opposed ddosing, shared observations and evidence about times that I have been ddosed, and I have asked users to share evidence about who might be doing ddosing. JC, I've asked you to talk to me on IRC several times to share evidence that you have about who is doing ddosing. You ignored the request and sent a few messages in the lobby. A serious investigation can't be conducted publicly. We need private communication in order to share the useful information for catching the ddoser(s). There is a principle of "innocent until proven guilty" for lobby bans. Just because people claim someone is doing ddosing, or someone claims to be doing ddosing does not mean that it is proof. JC, you have suggested that ddosers might be engaged in misdirection about who is actually doing the ddosing. We have a list of suspects, and we are working on investigating it. It would be very much appreciated if you would cooperate with the investigation and share the specific information that you have, and collect more useful information for a "conviction", about who could be involved in it. An investigation that results in a perma-ban requires time and effort, and cooperation from the community can speed up the investigation. Asking for preemptive conclusion before proof is established does not speed up the investigation. Sure, hosts are permitted to preemptively block a user, for example based on suspicions about ddosing, provided that the feature is available in the game. It's being developed. In the meantime, anyone who is able to compile from source can PM me for a draft version of a patch that allows blocking users from obtaining your IP address, as well as instructions on how to use it.
  25. Marre-Vrickad used some offensive language and insults in a team game on June 29, according to SIGTERM. It's up to the host to establish rules about this and enforce them. In this case the host did ban Marre-Vrickad from that match because he was a spectator distracting the players. Thank you Barcodes for doing this. That said, there is a conflict that was not able to be discussed at the time. Marre-Vrickad, when you're angry about something, please calmly discuss it with eloquent language instead of using pejoratives and insults. Describe the specific concern(s) instead of assuming that people know what the concerns are and redirecting to insults. If you think that the person you're talking to will not respond in a mature manner to the communication then please contact moderators to discuss how the situation can be resolved. Thanks.
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