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  1. lets just say buddy....this game needs a lot of work
  2. bottom line- we need more trees. 10 trees aren't cutting it
  3. I completely agree. Any other game, AOE, EE AOM, I never have issues with resources...this game though....definitely needs to be reworked and fixed.
  4. I enjoy them all AOE2 however is my favorite. i'm really excited about 4, I just hope it's not ruined and sticks to its roots.
  5. All we need to AOE so that's why others can't succeed.
  6. Nothing- you will just play another game and hope the next player doesn't do the same.
  7. @camel how do I know if a game was recording? and how do i watch the replay?
  8. Played a game yesterday it was 3v3 and a person on the other team quit. My teammates were super good they had pops of like 180 when mine was ehhh 100. I need some tips and tricks to get better. I feel like i always start superrr slower compared to teammates. I also still have no idea what civ is the best and who I should pick every game. Any advise?
  9. @Angen I wish I could, im not sure how to do that..I wasn't even the host. It seems though he didn't have a lot of villies and he mostly got units that attack.
  10. I played a 3v1 yesterday and played against a guy that said he is top 20. I believe he had a korean name in game, and my lord he was good!! He whooped us all. Teach me your ways, lol
  11. I think a good add one to this game would be being able to pick your location when you start and also being able to see where you start before you start the game. Thanks
  12. this one is on the community maps?
  13. @annoyingbabe I am not very good at the game, and haven't tried multiplayer yet, However, when they get you unban ill play with ya.
  14. Thank you @feneur for clarifying that! That I didn't know.
  15. I mean if you are host...you should be able to do as please in your OWN game...so I can definitely see your frustration buddy!
  16. I have a question about when im playing a game. Is there any way to destroy a building(all buildings) instead of capturing them with units? Everytime I play my units seem to capture instead of attack the building on building I don't care about. It seems that only siege attacks the buildings automatically. For example- when I just want to attack a TC my units capture it but get killed becauses enemy units just stack in it and they all end up dying before I can capture it so I would rather just destroy it. Thanks for the help!
  17. @alexandermb, Yes they will be available in a few years!
  18. bro I PRAY aoe4 doesn't get screwed up. By far the best games.
  19. how do i download this and play this map?
  20. yeah great idea- but lets work on the next alpha first before we pull mods. One step at a time...
  21. when is this coming out to download on mod portion?
  22. not of fan of the sling for stone idea- everything else sounds great though!
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