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  1. @Lion.Kanzen well of course, that is what usually happens when thousands of people are trying to get onto a game at 1 time.
  2. @Stan` I trying to figure out why you said something about AOE on here...and this thread isn't even about that game. Read before you post please. OH and let me add it's "practice" Best regards, The Man
  3. @badosu practice has nothing to do with a game being unbalanced
  4. @Sniec My dude, I couldn't agree more with your post. That is exactly why this game won't ever be "big" with new players. The people playing it now are gonna be the same people playing it in a year, ok sure there will be 1 or 2 new players but overall the so called "community" is gonna be the same.
  5. it's crazy something so basic isn't fixed in this game...lol
  6. @Lion.Kanzen the game War Selection needs so much work. Attempted to play it and it lags then shuts down, game is unplayable currently.
  7. @feneur it doesn't even mean someone may be acting "badly" maybe they had a real life emergency. It happens, no need to punish them.
  8. @Sepelin I wouldn't bother reporting someone for leaving a ranked game. This always happens in every single game similar to this one and this game is no different. If anything your rank shouldn't be moved but the player that left should be. No need to report.
  9. @Lion.Kanzen It doesn't get anymore clear in AOE when the mini map is flashing colors...lol
  10. @Lion.Kanzen don't bash AOE, they are far ahead and always will be of any RTS.
  11. @plumo it's Age Of Empires, no need to wait for reviews.
  12. @camel dang bro, be careful you're gonna get ban. The members on this game don't like to be called out....
  13. The aoe2 right now is sooo good, can only imagine how good the DE will be in a few months.
  14. @sarcoma Wait so hiding is woman around the corners of the map is cheating....?
  15. @Lion.Kanzen well then, don't post if you can't form complete sentences that make sense.
  16. @Lion.Kanzen full sentences so we can understand what your saying. Thanks.
  17. Ancientwarrior needs to be banned as well. Saying "kill yourself" isn't a joke.
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