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  1. Because I didn't saw ranks changing I tough it is from that- so that is because team games does not affect ranks? I see, sorry for interruption...does that mean it must be 1 vs 1 or it can be 1 vs 1 vs 1 vs 1 to affect ranks?
  2. RogerDeFlor quit without resigning. commands.txtmetadata.jsoncommands.txtmetadata.json
  3. Thanks When alpha 24 is going to be released and will the game work just fine if I install it's flatpack or snap?
  4. Hi there- on short when I use Solus around 30-40% of the time the game just crushes and there is no record of past game or crash report. On W10 at the same PC there is no problem. This is happening since May. Here is longer description, but Solus developer said to post issue here: https://dev.getsol.us/T8210
  5. When I play 0 A.D., which I installed from the software center, half of the times after playing for 5-20 minutes it just closes and that's it. No crash report, no errors, no saved games. I am not sure if Solus developers are to blame here?!
  6. Thanks for the feedback Also where is best to put reports for bugs, ideas for game improvement and so on? You listed Trac as a prefered method but it seems like this forum is the way to go.
  7. When I am in English or any other language I can see the fps counter: https://gyazo.com/ced3936b9874a3afc144bd3b905a3628 But when in Bulgarian I can't see them...only after I turn on the time options then the fps is shown but there is no time...and after I turn on all 3 of them they still show bad... https://gyazo.com/cc079c30dcb1344a203e50e01e910119 https://gyazo.com/1d7ec65d44f2622f923f2c1da5f7dd06 https://gyazo.com/76d24dc4702a6e21863d473d53731f9e
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