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  1. It looks awesome. Good Jobs. I will test it as soon as I can
  2. Lesser or non existent lag when you play with numerous units for example.
  3. To be honest I like the gameplay. But I think that instead to add more options ( which could put closely the game to the historic reality) the team should to focus on the improvement of the pryogenesis engine to make it powerful.
  4. I think the game is pretty well, and any improvement should be to the pyrogenesis engine if it's possible
  5. As Lion Kanzen said , most of Maya cities were lost long time ago the spaniards came to America. This civilization won't have cavalry units for example, because the american horses were extinct after the Holocene period, so, I wonder myself how would be the mechanics of it hahahaa Ps: I like the second temple, awesome work
  6. In spanish "X" has two sounds, one is the same as english (eks, as in exactly) and other derived from ancient french which is seemed as the [ch] sound on german or [c]h on gaelic scotish, as it could be find on México or Texas (méjico, tejas) for example Xerxes is written in spanish as Jerjes , and Xenophon as Jenofonte. There is a few names with X and, as it happens in english, the many are derived from greek
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