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  1. Hi @Alexandermb , if i played ptol or sele, i noticed thureophori spearmen have no phalax animation yet. if u would plan to implante it, here are some pics about rome 2 phalanx : Thx for read my post. greetings Hidan
  2. Hi there, macedonian defense tower (mace_defense_tower) has not update icon to artillary tower (mace_tower_artillary).
  3. @wackyserious Ptol Advanced Cavalry: Ptol Elite Cavalry: Ptol Champion Cavalry:
  4. Hi all i did talk with @Alexandermb about carthaginian elephants. They are using indian elephants models since last elephant update. My question is if they have indian elephants or north african / bush elephants or other variety of elephants? i agree they have north africans in history. @Sundiata / communtiy: Wuts ur opinion?
  5. Would u do add this chariots to basic rank units without armor wearing horses?
  6. @wackyserious what i found about seleucid silver shields are this reference for texturing:
  7. If i played ptolemaics i did notice they use tarantine javelin cavalry, but they look like odrysian riders. Here some ideas for new look: Tarantine Cavalry: Ptolemaic royal cavalry:
  8. gauls and romans stand together ... wuts wrong in history
  9. @Alexandermb Seleucids pikemen syntagma animation is unavailable in SVN.
  10. i like horse update very much. But some cavalry units have not reins like Ptolemaic and Carthagains. It would be nice champion cavalry horses have head crest like seleucid heavy armored horses, perhaps without feathers. Crest only.
  11. Hamilcar Barca: portaits are very rare in web, but some source here
  12. is this building in mod only? would be nice if it is in main game.
  13. @wackyserious can u add this macedonian textures on seleucid pikemen?
  14. @Alexandermb i wish your all good things on this world and i hope your country will get back his normally situation without limitations. Pls keep your works for this amazing game and community, look forward and have nice time with our family. i am sad about the situatuon in your county and your grandfather
  15. Helmets are pretty outdate: Some ideas for new helmets, inspirated by rome 2: Konos helmet Phrygian helmet (short top) Chalkaspides helmet Boeotian helmet All helmet in overview:
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