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  1. AI never upgrades towers, shich struggle me into an eventual building upgrade ( matter of fact seleucid reforms are made through technology pair ). I simply managed to avoid AI from hunting chicknes with not cavalry units and gathering fruits with infantry ( they stay idle though ).
  2. Honestly more crush instead of pierce damage would be really interesting, perhaps an alternative to ordinary sieges. i don't fancy to see all civs training units from the same dedicated building for every civ, basically like when you change skin to you favourite champion in League of Legends. Same stuff but different rendering
  3. do you have a replay about the "fast combat" you are talking about? i really can't undestand.
  4. lol at rolling units. This may easily be my favorite faction. ( waiting for the undead faction also )
  5. as long as buildings are capturable, this would be nice. I am not sure that civs at time had technologies to dig mines and use carts though. The most annoying thing about the current system, is that there are many points from where to mine a mine (lol at words joke) and units don't choose the mining spot with the shortest path from the dropsite, often happens to build a storehouse to shorten the path of delivery but units keep to gather on the otherside of the mines being forced to turn around the whole mine.
  6. walls buildable on buildings edge using building's walls as towers from where to start the l ayer would be nice and perhaps would fix the issue.
  7. can i ask here questions relative to AI behavior modify?
  8. should i use the name of the mod as module parameter? I tried to use the bot name in caplocks but i keep having the error: "failed to create AI Player simulation/ai/imabot/data.json: can't find the module that should contain the constructor "IMABOT" " EDIT: i really don't know how, but i fixed it.
  9. I am not very familiar with AI code. does AI support upgrades research?
  10. cheaper expanding extra defensive building seems so wrong, in particular if it is root and can be built elsewhere. Would be fun to lose everything and staying in game at same time because of a fortress with no productionqueue. Although the historical accuracy, defense towers should be used for a purpose in the game flow otherwise they would have no reason to exist in a game at all but in a visual epic novel or as scenario decoration.
  11. Indeed something that compared to another may appear good, they aren't that superior after all... both are quite easy to "skip". Defense Tower issues: fire can't focus or be redirected to fire at a given zone ( something that perhaps would be really interesting to have on archers in order to let them shoot at an area). don't prioritize ranged units over melee units ( If i want units or buildings to hit melee units, i'd rather ungarrison all my skirmishers since they deal much more damage ). elephants destroy towers with ease while absorbing all the damage. ( would be nice to have spiked walls as extra defense against elephants, perhaps with a % of reflected damage or a nearby enemies damaging rectangle shaped aura ) They perform well only against a small group of infantry units. Imho the build restriction distance is too high for their performance. they don't even deal a scratch to "in range 20 or more ranged cavalry". champions can capture a full hp garrisoned tower ( that's kinda lame ). i am not sure why women can garrison towers when the town bell rings... it basically prevents men from using them. As you can see, towers have more disadvantages than advantages. I don't like to crush 10 fortresses to defeat a player, because the time spent into hunting fortress, that player could have expanded elsewhere or just rebuild the whole army ( especially if all units are trainable from other than fortress buildings ). If you let the enemies reach your city kernel and destroy it at first attempt, perhaps you deserve to lose if you have no backup. Indeed a civic center is harder to reach if protected by walls, also that "CC rush" doesn't work in team games as long it has been discouraged in previous alpha. Indeed fortress should provide strategic defense where most needed. As i just proposed on the last post, if fortresses could increase capture points ( or whatever defense-like bonus ) of nearby buildings, they could have a tactical advantage into protect crucial buildings from capturing like barracks.
  12. a non root (otherwise it would even outperform even civic center despite their bigger influence radius in terms of expansion, thus not defensive at all) fortress with high weight (in order to capture nearby neutral/enemy buildings) and, eventually: technologies affecting buildings armor/hp able to increase nearby buildings capture points and nearby towers pierce damage while up it may make sense. Still not fully convince though "stronger defensive points for greater cost, easier to avoid due to the resource drain but harder to go up against when you're forced to" actually defense tower are the exact opposite of what you stated
  13. That's a different concept. Towers can be used to gain more vision or to provide discrete defense to own territory while under attack. A fortress, despite its superior damage potential, is meant to give access to late game units like champions, sieges and heroes. Those units are the best respectively into damaging economy, damaging buildings, give utility bonus. A fortress is easy to outflank and skip especially in open fields, often it isn't worth to have soldiers ( especially ranged units ) garrisoned in it as defensive decision. Having "ultimate" units (i am in favor of level 2 barracks tho) and perhaps "ultimate" technologies would highlight its importance. EDIT: at same time, having those "ultimate" units elsewhere would put fortresses in a secondary scene.
  14. Mod Suspension: additional content is postponed to the next release ( alpha 23 ). Further balance only patches will eventually be uploaded. feedback and discussions about gameplay and wishes for the next Monkey Wrench Mod [ alpha 23 ] release are welcome
  15. i take the opportunity of this thread showing those new visual fancy additions to ask: what's gonna be fortress role after those new adds, supposed that specific units will be trained from dedicated buildings?
  16. perhaps metal only would be too expensive or too cheap.
  17. I kinda agree but what's the role of those buildings? training a couple of units only from each building may be dispersive ( look at carthaginians ), on the other hand there could be dedicated technologies to research for an arbitrary class of units, eventually trained from such a building. Unlocking champions from barracks through a technology make training champions quite easy as long as it is 1-time research only tech. Replacing that technology with a barracks upgrade into an advanced one would replace old trainable units with champions only, obviously trainable from the upgraded barracks only. seleucids may choose between 2 upgrades: traditional advanced barrack and reformed advanced barracks iberians may choose between 2 upgrades: towered barrack and advanced barracks There could be more blacksmiths [ melee blacksmith, armorsmith, ranged blacksmith ] where to research class specific techs.
  18. barracks may upgrade into a specialized building in order to train champions instead of citizen soldiers for a fair amount of metal and stone.
  19. This is mainly a lightweight balance mod and it didn't intend to add much more content if not some technology that may open the way for more strategies. Anyway I would be ok with gathering interested people and make something fantasy or just more-content-driven mod and use monkey wrench as starting poimt. I still think that it would be a real nice addition to Regicide mode in order to let players choose a hero instead of randomize one if they want to. This is a relevant choice thus deserves some fancy UI. On the other hand, there would be several issues with units choice: Actually there aren't enough choices between units or technologies, thus having that UI invasion isn't worth it. The specialization idea would resolve it by giving fancy looking banners whenever the proper tech is clicked showing the portrait of the replacing unit. ( i am still thinking about its implementation as long as my coding skills are still low.I am still learning ) The banner list should be showed up when the player clicks the relative technology and before that the research starts in order to have cognition of what's going on. ( perhaps @stanislas69 may tell us if this is actually possible). The main concern is that this "specialization" could break the historical accuracy in favor of visual fancy changes ( which should be done aswell... sadly i am not a modeler ). I am for the gameplay more than historical accuracy, but I am sure that most of people here would disagree ( that's why the proposal for a fantasy mod project ). Sadly i guess that's not possible to replace units or buildings and refresh the production queue in order to remove the ugly "gray icons" for units and buildings which are supposed to train different units without getting their production queue full. The main issue is that I want to avoid to have an ugly looking selection panel where there are many "gray icons" because not trainable, thus i was considering something near the promotion system. perhaps @wraitii ability component would come in handy with this kind of feature. OFFTOPIC:
  20. i should have a look at AoM then. would be also nice to have a fantasy mod where Gods Blessings would let you choose between elemental bonuses. ( something like electrified javelins, frozen spears, fire blades).
  21. Actually using a banner as background would be really amazing! Anyway I have no idea how this addition could be used. Basically because it literally invade the display which may be really bad while playing. this should be 1 time choice only in order to let that invade the UI for a valid reason. But there are few occasions where that may be a fancy addition: choosing between heroes to pick in Regicide mode at game start. choosing between army reforms for seleucids, thus using that "huge selection panel" to research a 0 build time technology. choosing some kind of unit specialization ( although i talked about units Specialization, which would be really amazing something like replacing sword + shield units with dual welding units ) with following unlock of researchable techs available for the selected unit only. some kind of civ specific specialization like the temple specialization by @Hannibal_Barca
  22. Good job with those builginds, they just look amazing. the rampant plants are a quite neat detail. Someone already said that, but decoration shields on barracks wall would be really nice to highlight its military purpose. Farmstead fundation and visual actor have different shapes resulting in an unpleasing overlapping when built.
  23. What will come: Specialization: I'd really like to put the mod a step further by adding a kind of specialization for every class, giving more choices for different situations. Not fully convinced if that may be a good idea because choosing different paths by researching a pair technology where the decision is about further improve melee / ranged offensive stats and armor / movement speed would also be interesting, still not satisfying though. Here is just a specialization example: swordsman-fc.pdf Diversify Civilizations: Factions may have different traits which should be historically accurate and merge with the current gameplay. Sparta women able to increase arrows count while garrisoning a tower and eventually a Civic Center. Iberians could have advantage into making corrals. Seleucids could choose between army reforms depending of the fortress entity, thus being able to train different type of champions for different fortresses. Gaul druids could increase attack speed of nearby units. and so on. Update to What's new: Technology: Houses: REMOVED! Home Garden NEW! Pair Tech: Home Garden: Increases houses garrison limit from 3 to 4 and big houses limit from 6 to 8 Increases by 20% the population limit given by houses Home Harem: -50% training time for women trained from houses. Increases by 20% the population limit given by houses Units: The game feels quite frenetic, thus women and all infantry and champion units train slower. Women: training time increased from 8 to 10. Citizen Infantry: training time increased from 10 to 12. Ranged: Javelin: Pierce damage reduced from 16 to 15 Slinger: Pierce damage reduced from 9.5 to 9 Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 6 to 5 Citizen Cavalry: training time increased from 15 to 16. Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 7 to 6 Champions Infantry: training time increased from 20 to 24. Javelin: Pierce damage reduced from 26 to 24 Slinger: Pierce damage reduced from 9.5 to 9 Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 6.5 to 6 Champions Cavalry: training time increased from 30 to 32. Archer: Pierce damage reduced from 14 to 12
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