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  1. Just tried to figure out why and how a strategy is the most effective among anothers.
  2. game 1: skirmish cavalry won the game because, despite spear cav moves faster, they can't trade skirmishers. game2: romans vs romans more interesting than first game because both had spear cavalry. BIG MISTAKE: you kept harrassing opponent wood workers instead of forcing his women on fields to garrison and being unable to produce food ( like he did in the first game ). briton games: the most equilibrate one since slingers seems to be nice to protect workers from skirmish raids, plus they can be trained so easy that it would be even a bad decision not training them. borg- was able to attack with infantry in both games because of their cost. Indeed the slingers advantage is even more relevant when the opponent has another civ than britons with higher houses cost. cartha vs sele: despite borg had MANY soldiers on wood and 2 towers, they couldn't trade skirmish cavalry. Borg made a big mistake not training skirmish cavalry tho since he even had hunt advantage. conclusion: Towers have no effect on the game flow thus their weakness and players have to rely on soldiers only which can be uncounterable whenver the player picks the right decisions. The balance is broken ( one could even argue that accuracy rework wasn't intended to affect the gameplay but a way to make code more clear to read since there were no discussions nor complains on balance in the previous alpha. at least in public topics. )
  3. what you are looking for is the SVN version of the client. you will find all you need to download svn and build instructions here.
  4. still no guarantees. will those suppositions be valid for the next release, anyway? everything could change at will, or not.
  5. obviously i meant to garrison swordsmen and then ungarrison them to destroy rams...
  6. before the accuracy rework, elephants were addressed as OP units which aren't likely now. You can still garrison structures with swordsmen as defense against rams. they will take it down in seconds.
  7. Rams aren't op, its just that most of units deal Pierce damage which has barely effect on sieges.
  8. do you get low fps when you reach more than 300 units per player in game?
  9. It isn't ridiculous if you mean to train champion units that require more than double of citizen soldiers training time, and perhaps it is also intended as long as there are no alternative unit recruiting structures. Still you can kill all ranged units you want with siege towers With the implementation of new recruiting buildings, that won't be an issue anyway. Batch training is a feature added later furthermore based on the previous training mechanism system that intends fast training soldiers. Perhaps if you let your opponent to invest 3k of wood into barracks with no way too defend, you deserved to lose Anyway I think you see the issue from a wrong pov aside the "ugly same building spam", and that's obviously the units balance. E.g. you have no chance against britons as roman and no chance against romans as ptols ( i even lost some rating by stubbornly not using romans vs ptols on purpose ). Expanding has its risks, and i bet that hardly someone can build 10 barracks in the middle of the map gaining disadvantage. if not, as said... sneaky cavalry his base is the way to take down the barracks with ease..
  10. I agree with that since the value is too hard to handle and has high snowball effect, perhaps something more linear would suit good aswell. Totally agree with this, not taking into account civilizations with military colonies counting as civic center which would have bigger advantage. thats really true, you'd need all wood technologies and there are better ways to invest wood into like armor techonologies ( at this point number differences would be less relevant ). Also, as said, a big territory is not easy to defend since a smart opponent could simply stick around and capture your barracks.
  11. I am not sure that it is really relevant as long as there are soecific units class buildings ( standing at latest structures commits ). Instead of 10 barracks training 10 infantry then 10 cavalry, you will have 5 barrack training 2 batch infantry and 5 stables traning 2 batch cavalry which needs more time. Still I am of the opinion ( i'd go in this direction in my mod in a23 ) that a Ranged or Stable structure would be kinda meaningless from the gameplay pov since 2 separate buildings ( ranged and barracks or stables and barracks ) would already do the job. Training 1 or 2 units per building is kinda frustrating and perhaps confusional. Imagine mauryan building barracks in order to train spearmen only or ranged strcture for archers only.. I am of the opinion that Barracks and Stables would suit the most, plus splitting the blacksmith in 2 or even 3 separate buildings will also greatly increase the number technologies researchable: Blacksmith = melee units techs Ranged Blacksmith = ranged units techs optional: Armorsmith = defense techs the idea would be to have Cavalry and infantry would share the same Weapon techs but diffferent Armor techs ( weapons and armors are crafted with more fine techniques and technologies ) while class specific techs could be researched into production buildings ( stables and barracks ) as result of soldier skills training.
  12. I am pretty sure that shortcuts works on mac before i changed them although i changed the keyboard since imac keyboard is so uncomfortable and it hadn't numpad anyway. Did you try to write numbers in chat? if keypad numbers and ordinary numbers are displayed in chat, there shouldn't be any difference..
  13. Generally Wood is easy to gather and only romans/athenians can build walls out of own territory. Anyway in AoE was possible to build over an already chopped tree only ( isn't possible to move in the forest anyway ) 1 single tree could spoil the whole defense (it could let a hole between houses or walls) even if the player doesn't want to wall over his external forest which is the primary wood gain, thus counterproductive. Perhaps a build time malus could be applied whenever the player is trying to build on trees if you think that spamming on enemy territory forests would be bad. Building slower would make the task harder to accomplish and easier to detect by opponent. ( perhaps there could be a way to order workers to give priority to resources on placed foundation then gather them and build instead of delete them?? ) From uban pov that's wrong but there are only disadvantages into building farms far from cc. Anyway having a farmstead aura would be nice since a rectangular shaped aura would come in handy also in other applications ( like spiked wall damage over time to nearby units similar to the trample damage of Cunobeline in DE mod ). the bell's alarm is defined into Civic Center structure while having it as ability of women would let the player to select the interested women only and order them to garrison nearby structures ( it could be useful for soldiers garrisoning towers too ) anyway there is something going on by @temple. I am not against infinite barracks spam because a rock solid eco is needed for this and there are many counter tactics ( also something will probably change with the introduction of new buildings since barracks untis production queue will be splitted among different buildings ). You can still sneak with a bunch of horses and capture + destroy barracks as counter tactic ( it would require 100 men to garrison into 10 barracks in order to protect them all). Perhaps many players didn't realize it but the game is kinda frenetic since 10 sec for a soldier to train is quite low and usually using batches to train soldiers from fewer barracks helps to use the stockpiled resources and it is basically a battalion-like training system but building many barracks is always more efficient and it let you make a lot of pressure with a meat wall of soldiers since they can be replaced very fast, and this in parts kill the military strategy.
  14. structures could destroy trees when the foundation is placed and started to be built since most of times environment prevent an effective defence ( there is always a sneaky hole where to pass through the walls). Perhaps a limit for resources isn't really needed since a smart player will always optimize his resources and never stockpile stuff and a city builder will build for his city good looking regardless the amount of resources he has. But sure, a delivering system would be fun. A system where resources are delivered to near storehouse / farmstead then transported by a wheeled unit ( like a trader ) to the market or civic center and effectively gain resources. Eventually, capturing an economic building will also grant to the capturer the amount of resources stored in it ready for the new deliver destination. What the game needs is to enlarge its community in order to have modders that can effectively write down fresh ideas even if those aren't implemented in the main distribution.
  15. I bet user1 could have at least 2000 rating by only bets.
  16. Usually workers always deliver resources to the closest storehouse / farmstead instead of the civic center then gather stuff near to the place where they deliver goods. Alert bell has a fixed action range, that's one of the reasons why having women near the civic center to gather food is convenient beyond the fact that it can protect many units
  17. I'd instaban them all XD Known and trusty players do not need any rating to play in high skill games and no reason at all to adjust own rating as long as there is no improvement in the balance overall. A "seasoned" player knows the policies thus it seems more like a provocation to me since they do this in front of moderators if those ask them to stop. EDIT: Anyway i hope that the rating system will get a reset after the alpha stage for something of more sophisticated like "Quick games" search made by picking an average of rating of reference
  18. usually 6 batch is more efficient than 5 but having a batch size of 2 is just more flexible in most situations because you can go up to 4 or 6 and such. Some top players even switch batch size depending on how many resources do they have ( 6 at start then 3 or 4 depending on the situation ) which is the MOST efficient way to invest your resources ( pop cap permitting )
  19. if "mixed" means using soldiers to gather food into grainfields, that is counterprductive. Matter of fact, you can find in the technology tree the gather rate of all units and will notice that soldiers have very low food gather rate thereby you shuold always use women only gathering grain. Farmstead is only used as dropsite to deliver food. Usually grainfields are built near the civic center since it can be garrisoned by women in order to protect them from eventual raids with the addition of some houses. Basically as long as food is proritized in early game and that you will always have wood problems whenever you try to constantly train infantry soldiers ( any unit but slingers and perhaps swordsmen ) due its initial low gather rate, training cavalry is always effective ( you can then build corrals to keep your cavalry busy ). Although market is the first structure to build in Town Phase in order to get advantage into goods bartering, I guess that blacksmith could be a good variation only if you plan to research Armor military technology and attack as soon as possible. This because there is a health increase between phases ( 20% Village -> Town and 10% Town -> City ) and, since armor is computed on % hp ( it should be exponential: +1 armor is kinda equal to 10% hp that your soldiers would gain by phasing up), you can use at your advantage the fact that you already have many soldiers gathering wood at high rate and quickly gain the same advantage your soldiers would have when phasing up ( and eventually barter the surplus wood for metal or stone).
  20. I suggest you to start on low resources ( 300 ) since it is the standard in multiplayer games among medium-high skill players. While prioritizing food is the way to go in Village Phase, it is also the resource with the highest gain/sec you can have that grants you an adeguate defense, basically because cavalry is a nice defense / offense and can also hunt high rates of food. You will need 5 grainfields then, and eventually 1 barracks if you want to train out soldiers and boost your population as fast as you can since soldiers gather wood faster than women ( there is a threshold after you can notice the difference between soldiers and women gather rate on wood ) to eventually switch from wood to mines. if you have advantage in population and/or not enough food gain, you can still research technologies before to build your 6 and 7th grainfield ( usually 7 grainfields grant enough food for almost any situation but for champions and especially champion cavalry )
  21. in dota2 you can draw lines on the minimap in order to share tactical moves with your allies.
  22. this is really nice! i was wondering if it makes sense to have citizens able to use fishing rods in order to fish in "fish pools" from a let's say 10-20 meters distance and basically have them fishing faster while garrisoning fishing boats. it would even be visually pleasant with a proper animation ( i am not aware of the used fishing techniques though but perhaps nets would be more effective in mass fishing )
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