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  1. Welcome to the forums Jim Thanks for you kind words as well! What are some of your favorite RTS games?
  2. A Thracian side would be a pretty unique addition to historical RTS's. They have enough unique weapons to make them extremely interesting to play
  3. Commemorating the Battle of Cannae I see Welcome Aaron! I too focus heavily on the Punic War era of Roman history. Exciting times Have you checked out our history archives?
  4. Welcome to the forums Sandi! Where did you find our trailer? What period of Roman history are you most interested in? Mine is the era of the Punic Wars.
  5. You scored as Augustus. You are Augustus! First emperor of the Romans and one of the greatest statesmen in the ancient world. You brilliantly eased the old Republic into the Principate and set the path for an empire that would last for centuries and form the underpinnings for all western civilization. Hail Caesar! Augustus 89% Antoninus Pius 82% Trajan 75% Marcus Aurelius 75% Vespasian 71% Nerva 64% Domitian 61% Hadrian 61% Tiberius 50% Claudius 50% Nero 50% Vitellius 29% Commodus 18% Caligula 7% http://quizfarm.com/test.php?q_id=37384
  6. Welcome Carlos! What are your particular leanings in terms of RTS games?
  7. Excellent Then welcome to the team *thumbs up*
  8. Welcome IƱigo! If you are interested in a position with 0 AD, please do check the Vacancies section on the main page We are always on the look out for talented individuals. What is your main area of interest with regard to game making?
  9. Gotta love the Phalanx CIWS. Impressive to know there is a weapon that can fire at 6000 rounds per minute. 100 bullets every second in 20mm. World's greatest meat grinder, let alone pulverizing metal. The Kashtan definately fits the Russian philosophy of low-flying attack aircraft supporting the army, hence the heavy reliance on auto-cannons. They still intend to fight that way in some manner, hence the need for such a defense in the Russian philosophy. And its nothing new. In World War II the Russians would shoot small arms, from flare pistols and handguns to rifles and submachine guns at low-flying German aircraft. Used up millions of rounds of ammunition, but over time they took out more than their fair share of aircraft. Continued in more dedicated ways with the ZSU-23 Shilka and ZSU-57, both of which come from the conceptual design, however indirect, of the German Flakpanzer IV.
  10. Welcome Scitvs! A fellow Roman enthusiast I take it?
  11. Ditto on what Joe said, Roman discipline is the way of things, with a large touch of Greek comedy Welcome to WFG Zatzum!
  12. The Persian giant is an Immortal who is apparantly so dangerous that he is kept in chains, only to be released once battle has commenced. Once he is freed of his bonds, he proceeds to attack anyone in his way, mostly Spartans, but he also turns on at least one of his own comrades in the course of the melee. Leonidas has quite the bloody fight with this "gentleman".
  13. Went and saw 300 last night. Packed theatre and it was worth buying tickets early. Review: Great movie, not a masterpiece, but definately one that you will watch again and again on DVD. The Good: - Action is well done and gets the adrenaline pumping. - Xerxes was quite imposing as the villian. A little metrosexual in his appearance (to put it mildly), but there was no doubt as to the power he exuded. - The warrior spirit was quite admirably captured in the film. - In the same vein that sense of predatory delight in killing made the Spartans something less than good guys, in a shady grey area where anti-hero is perhaps the kindest title. In many ways they were just as bad as the Persians. The Bad: - Although the Persians are supposed to be the badguys, in a way I was cheering for them, simply because they were slandered in this movie. They were made to be animals (quite literally) and capable of neither reason nor intelligence. - The fantasy creatures got to be a bit much after a while. Such as the Immortals having clawed feet and looking like Orcs, or the Persian "magicians" with their hand grenades. It is a good movie, not without its flaws, which as a student of history I am unable to completely overlook. The Persians are made out to be soulless conquerors who simply kill everyone they don't literally walk on, a description far more fitting to the ancient Spartans than the Persians. As a dramatic retelling of an ancient event it does succeed in raising the Battle of Thermopylae to the level of myth, in which case the creatures make sense coming from a master storyteller demonizing the enemy to make the Spartans at Plataea fight harder. Although there are movies with better stories out there, I enjoyed the movie on a pure action level. It is certainly worth seeing on the big screen and I will be sure to get it on DVD. 8 out of 10
  14. The first unedited action scene from 300. And it is BLOODY Going to see it with some of my mates, looking to be a good time. Here it is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lW9gw5TwxE *thumbs up*
  15. There are Romans in the preview. They are the Sparan's opponents
  16. LOL Archaeology to IT Quite the career path, but one that is never dull! My brother is in IT, working towards his Comp Sciences degree. He likes it although I can't make heads nor tails of the material. I'm into Accounting myself, with a fairly strong like of marketing. I much prefer numbers, but I enjoy the qualitative aspects of marketing at times. Working towards a Chartered Accountant's rating myself. Good place to be. Do you know that with any undergrad degree, you could go back to school and pick up a few business courses and be eligible for the CA pro-d course that preps you for the CA exam? At least in Canada it is so.
  17. Belated welcome to WFG James It is gratifying to hear a professional such as yourself speak highly of our "little" project Thank you kindly! SAS looks like a blast! I know my own local student society, the Society of Commerce Students, SOCkS for short, is hardly as lively as your own However our name is far better than it used to be. School of Business Students didn't fly very well (lot of SOB jokes) when they organized it. Any ideas on what your plans will be once you are out of school James?
  18. Congratulations Joshua! I really don't know what else to say I speak for all of WFG in announcing, in great example of understatement, how proud we are of your accomplishment! Bravo, truly, bravo *two thumbs up and a huge grin*
  19. I was going for the Bears. But congrats to the Colts nonetheless
  20. I learned my geography when I was a kid via Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago, on PBS. Anyone else ever watch that show?
  21. Those are some small rooms My personal room is 120 square feet, with access to a full-sized kitchen, a bathroom, and a large common living room. Very good for the money Not at all! My whole body is a weapon after years of martial arts Besides my roommates this year are the best I could ask for, so the need for security is non-existant.
  22. So that is what happened to Curu. That sucks
  23. Welcome again Mark! Glad to have you on the team!
  24. My dorms are awesome I have great roommates, my own room in the apartment, and excellent accomodations. As for small, not here As for strict rules, the only ones I have to put up with are no parties, no smoking, no pets, and no weapons. And seeing as I don't drink or smoke, I have no worries at all.
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