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  1. Whoops! Sorry Erik Going with my traditional Canadian spelling. Thanks btw! You gotta be close enough to feel it. And when you get on that stage, its amazing
  2. Hey guys, just popped back to the forums to say hi and let you know that I still breathe. The work here at WFG is amazing, everyone is doing a great job and its great to see new faces! Busy time for me, since I am currently job hunting and getting ready for convocation tomorrow (Saturday). Yes, after all those years of toil and hardship, here I am ready to grad with a Bachelor of Commerce. Just like 0 AD, if you stick with it and believe completely it will happen So what's the news on the forums? Who is still here? Mike, Eric, and Jan are here, who else?
  3. Sweet ideas espiesior! Indeed, we've been throwing around the idea of Scythians and Indians after Part I is completed.
  4. Two great works of two great mediums, film and music, are combined to provide a great YouTube: . Just for the record, Equilibrium holds the record for the most onscreen kills made by a character in any movie. John Preston, played by Christian Bale, takes exactly 118 lives in 107 minutes of runtime. In total, 263 people die in Equilibrium as a whole. Good movie, fun if only for its action scenes, with the gun kata. Not the most original movie in the world beyond that, but it has one of the most ridiculous causes of a gunfight ever seen on screen.
  5. New take on an . Arsenio Hall in a skit from .
  6. Great idea on honorable mentions, Aigis! Here are my five honorable mentions: Brotherhood of the Wolf The Matrix Gladiator Crank Desperado If you want a movie a little bit on the stranger side with some absolutely brutal fights, watch Brotherhood of the Wolf. It an amazing genre mashing French film that manages to throw elements of action, martial arts, historical drama, gothica, horror, suspense, and a little bit of erotica into an oil drum, roll it down a hill and then blow it up with spectacular results. For a demonstration, here is the trailer. DISCLAIMER! Know that it is a French trailer dubbed in English. It contains some nudity, so if you are a squeamish about such things, don't come crying to me saying "You never told me" Brotherhood of the Wolf Trailer As you can see a couple of big names in there, primarily Monica Bellucci and Mark Dacascos. Good film all round despite its weird mixture of genres. A must see!
  7. Welcome to the forums Finn! Looking forward to seeing you around
  8. Congrats to the winners and big thanks to everyone who participated! Don't be strangers, by any means Here's hoping you guys will be sticking around!
  9. Hey guys! Nice to meet you all Outstanding turnout for this thread! If anybody hasn't put in their name yet, don't be shy!
  10. Found some really good action scenes on Youtube - Quite an impressive action sequence for an obviously low budget production. - Anyone who knows me can tell you I'm a huge Chow-Yun Fat fan. The guy knows how to pull off action heroes like only Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis can. - Entertaining scene from a French movie. Pretty intense.
  11. Another good spider video is this one of . Not so tough when you see them this way
  12. To my recollection we haven't actually asked this question on the forum, so I figured why not? Nothing like a good action film, full of blood, sweat, and smart-aleck heros. So what tops your list? For me, I'm a huge fan of less mainstream action films, usually imports or cult films. Here they are: 1. Hard Boiled 2. The Killer 3. Boondock Saints 4. Die Hard 5. Equilibrium Obviously Die Hard is the only major Hollywood film on the list. Very few people seem to have heard of HB and The Killer, but thanks to Stranglehold its likely to change. Know that these films are being rereleased by Dragon Dynasty, so you can Netflix them and experience the true majesty of Hong Kong action films So those are mine! What are yours?
  13. You are a devious one, to be sure
  14. Nice bomber jacket I was quite busy studying for Finance over Halloween and as such I have no pictures or costume of any kind Looking forward to seeing what everyone else did for October 31st!
  15. They have quite a few subscribers in Australia, so NZ shouldn't be too hard I have subscribed to Ancient Warfare and I can tell you I am well pleased with the content within the issues of this fine magazine!
  16. Wow! You truly are a treasure trove of information Anthony Sadly, we are not professional historians so we do screw up quite a bit. Enthusiastic amateurs is a good description The Celtic terms will be certainly implemented into the game. Ours were a mixture of words taken from Welsh, Gaelic, and other Celtic-descendent languages. Please keep posting as you find things you think should be rectified!
  17. Thanks for the summary Erik! If I get the chance to see Mr. Perkins in person I will be the first in line to see his lecture!
  18. Billy relates the story of his friend, a worker at the local mortuary. Good stuff http://youtube.com/watch?v=acHE2tdyY5Q If you have sensibilities that are easily offended, don't click
  19. Aha! Welcome back Josh Its been a while! How are things going these days?
  20. Ah c'mon, you can tell us Those are some cool 97s I don't have tatoos, but I'd probably go for a tribal if I did get one.
  21. The Season 2 champion now has the fruits of all those games. Deciding hand proved to be a pair of Aces (mine) to a 7/2 unsuited in the playoff round. It now sits proudly on the shelf in my room, while Season 3 rages at present. Feeling good on my success, I'm now in a three way tie for third with good prospects in the games to come. Done strutting
  22. Welcome Matt! Good to see another Canadian on the site What is your main area of history? Does your sig picture give an indication?
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