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  1. Actually I want to become a doctor and will be starting down that road this January (Bach of Science first ). I would want to be a General Practitioner: you get to live in a small town, meet lots of people (and keep track of them!), maybe have a little farm, and if anyone didn't like you its only a little while till they come to you with hemmerhroids (sp?) or an abscese on their backside "Oh yeah? how 'bout not playing your stereo so loud?"
  2. I like the story contest idea Prize.......how about a sneak peak at the race of your choice in 0 AD/TLA (sworn to silence of course) or maybe get to design a unit for the game May be too much but an option
  3. Not a direct quote but once our illustrious Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chretien once said: "There is proof. Proof is a proof, which is proven because its a proof....proof is a proof, if there is proof it is proven, proving it is proof, because its proven" Something along those lines, it was incredible. There was once a "poll" which asked "What language does the Prime Minister usually communicate in?" A: English B: French C: Klingon Let's hope Paul Martin can be understood in both official languages
  4. I am always whistling, humming, dancing, throwning punches, walking in martial art's stance, swinging imaginary swords, singing (in public), plus talking about everything and anything none stop....and loudly according to my parents. And laugh at almost anything My brother is similar, but not as crazy as me
  5. BMW 735 baby awesome car, plus the new 5 Series is looking pretty. And the Jaguar XJ is incredible! I guess you can tell I like luxury cars
  6. Hmmm... Stuka Pilot by Hans-Ulrich Rudel. Sure he's the hottest combat pilot of all time (somthing like 800+ tanks, 13+ airplanes air-to-air, and ~two ships - one a battleship), but his book is full of little Nazi tips of the hat and other racist comments (there was one section where he was describing flying over a group of Romanians running away from a group of Russians, and he goes on to talk about the "Eastern hordes" and lists all kinds of "peoples" of Russia.....made me squirm). Fascinating career but man I think that guy didn't hum or plug his ears when Hitler was spewing.... BTW, To Kill a Mockingbird kicks butt!! Yeah its kind of sappy, but it is a good book. No question. Love it where she wanted to take the pellet gun along to see her cousin.....
  7. Don't mind at all Actually it put me back about $190 US, not bad since that's what you'll pay for a replica anyway, a relatively cheap replica too What I should have done was a bit more reading But in any case I still like it and think it is great! No i need to go build a suit of armor around it! *goes of to begin sketching*
  8. I got it offa E-bay from a guy in Ontario, but after some further research on the following website: www.geocities.com/alchemyst/repro.htm I found out that it is a cheap modern Chinese reproduction oh well it makes for a good discussion piece and I can use it in karate! I'm not sore, just a little miffed, but oh well. What really tipped me off was that the pic of the top sword on that page has the EXACT same characters on the scabbard that mine does LOL New Rule Learned: Research everything and don't pay attention to E-Bay auction deadlines BTW, copy the URL to get it Oh and roger on the emoticons. Why is that? Space?
  9. LOL thanks for explaining not my area of knowledge, only read a very limited amount on that era of Rome Thanks for the heads up The political stuff is not really where I study, its more the technical side of military issues: weapons, armor, command structure, etc
  10. LOL yeah I know I just never was adventerous enough to try something besides Geocities.... I think the time has come What kind of axe btw??
  11. I would be a millionaire so I could write books, go do fun things, and help people out with my $
  12. Welcome Prophet! I'm new here too so we can get to know the place together BTW, you're not The Prophet from the Star Trek Armada modding community??
  13. That would be a great feature plus have fords so guys who don't build bridges (Huns, etc) can get across rivers. And if there are engineer units available that could increase build rate and stuff that could give guys like the Greeks, Carthaginians, and Romans an advantage when building them. Maybe the bridges could be upgraded from wood to stone, which would be seriously cool :)Would also allow for some interesting tactics (Stirling Bridge in the ancient world anyone? ) I'm not a programmer, but I would think it would be somewhat easy to implement (sorta like the marshes in AoE....don't know if that's right or not, only played demo....long time ago... ). But I don't know...need a coder up here
  14. Not 50,000 dead, but a great victory for the Romans in a campaign in which they were getting seriously kicked around and then managed to pull themselves up by their bootstraps. This showed how training and working as a team can over come anything and essentially come out unscathed while annihilating their enemies. And Boudica managed to kill 80,000 Romans (soldiers and civilians). I probably should've written it better :-( Brennus did, he just decided to give Rome back to the Romans. Bad idea if you're a Gaul....
  15. Thanks Same here Another sword I am really wanting to get is a Chinese dao or a Persian shamshir (so awesome if it was Damascus steel ) Oh gladius!! I love that thing, I really should get one. I really would love to join a Roman reenacting group. Does anyone here do that? Not necessarily Roman but reeancting of history in general?
  16. Lol yeah I did paste it on (after HTML didn't work, shoulda known ) but didn't check to see if it HTML-ized itself Thanks It really is something to hold an old weapon....Where has it been?....Who had it?...Who made it? BTW, does anyone around here read Japanese? There is writing on the blade and the scabbard that I would dearly love to know the meaning of
  17. Well I've started my hopefully future sword collection with a hand-made WWII Japanese katana or long sword. Its 34.5 inches long, with a blade all of 27.5 inches, with a copper and wood scabbard. I'm so psyched about it One nice little thing is the tsuba (or hilt) has the silhouette of a crane Here's a pic: http://www.geocities.com/Soviet_small_arms...s/my_katana.jpg I love it and hopefully I can scratch some $ together to get a Pattern 1796 Light Cavalry Saber to go with it
  18. Same here Fire Giant Another fact: 60 AD - Boudica, the Warrior Queen of Brittania, attacks the legions of Seutonius Paullinus at a position of the Roman's choosing and is defeated with heavy losses. Note: An interesting thing about the Defeat of Boudica was that she brought a force of 30,000-40,000 warriors with her and attacked Seutonius' 10,000 on a battleground of his choosing, on a hill surrounded by trees on either side (creating a bottleneck). While the Romans were inside this....cul-de-sac for lack of a better word...the Celts placed themselves at the opening of the hollow. And of course they are slaughtered by pila as they climb the hill and then cut to pieces by the Romans at close range. That would have been okay because the troops might have escaped and Boudica could have fought on if they hadn't of done one thing - brought their families in wagons and carts to watch the battle. So you had the Romans in the cul-de-sac , the Celtic warrior just outside it, and their families arrayed in a semi-circle behind them, from the trees on one side to the other of the bottleneck. So once the Romans had routed the Celts they began to run like crazy out of the cul-de-sac and got tangled up in their women, children, and wagons. While they are trying to get through their families and possessions, the Romans come and sledge hammer them. So instead of having a defeat with minor losses, the Boudica ends up with a massacre and is no longer an effective fighting force. Final Result: Celts - 50,000 killed Romans - 500 killed, missing, and wounded Romans rule 100:1 kill ratio I'll take that Mind you Romans got nailed to: Cannae, Carrhae, Adrianople but at least they gave as good as they got!
  19. 451 AD - Attila the Hun is defeated by the "Last of the Romans", Flavius Aetius, at the Battle of Chalon, with a death toll that was described as "truly countless bodies".
  20. Oh yeah! That fight with the Praetorians rules Especially the "Its the frost. Sometimes it makes the blade stick, " line that one is so great Those Praetorian uniforms make me want to throw up though.... And the Maximus vs. 5 Gladiators in the middle of the movie = way awesome. Can you say "Lawn mower?" Just butchered those dudes....
  21. No I haven't, only seen the HP movies. Is the latest HP book any good?
  22. I just finished reading a book called "An Echo of War" yesterday, and will be reading the "Illiad" for the second time today
  23. I've read the LoTR Trilogy and the Hobbit, but not Silmarillion or any of the other books edited by Christopher Tolkien. But, while I haven't read the books, I have picked up a lot and know quite a few of the basics from reading stuff on the Net and talking with other Ring Nuts. Not an expert, but not an idiot I read The Hobbit in Grade.....9 i think, and LoTR soon after, so I was already a well versed Tolkien fan by the time the movies came out. My knowledge of the LoTR is based in the books first, and followed by the movies (which are some of the BEST ON EARTH!!! ), which add to my interperatation (sp? ). And Gladiator rules! Although the ballista and catapults at the beginning in a field battle are enough to make you cringe But man, you can't beat Russel Crowe! He rocks
  24. Hi everyone, I just found about 0 AD yesterday while looking through the links on RedRampant.com and was blown away. To describe myself, where to begin: I am an avid enthusist of all thing military (weapons, tactics, uniforms, battles, equipment) from all eras, be it Modern, Middle Ages, and (especially atm ) Ancient As well, I am a green belt in Wado Karate. I also love movies like LoTR and Gladiator, plus listen to lots of music and do volunteer work with the Red Cross and Lion's Club. And I cannot wait for 0 AD!
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