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  1. New high-tech equipment has arrived in the arsenals of the United States Army! Additonally, the need for good co-workers who support your professional endeavors are clearly illustrated in this particular picture
  2. Not too bad Can't say I'm a fan of R&B at all, but that one is better than most
  3. Great stuff Fred! In fact we are nearing a point where, like Bobby said, we are in need of a major community and publicity is going to become a big part of that. Soon it will be getting real serious.
  4. The thread seems to be taking off Excellent..... Here's another cool one: A B-52 makes a low pass on a carrier, the name of which escapes me at present. Extremely cool. And of course the everpresent dicotomy of the modern workplace. Finally, a wonderful snapshot of a very friendly bear
  5. That's the idea New addition! RASA - Redneck Aeronautical and Space Agency presents their latest creation. Now taking applications for crew positions.
  6. Seeing as there is no thread dedicated to posting those wacky pictures we all find floating through cyberspace, here it is. If you have a picture that makes you laugh or find incredible, post it here! I'll kick it off with a couple that I've found. First off is a wonderful (seemingly Photoshopped) image of a lovely young couple enjoying their wedding day...... Although they are nothing like this, the picture reminds me of my brother and his girlfriend, mostly because we like to make fun of them for being the perfect couple I don't know why, but it makes me laugh And here's a picture that is pretty amazing. This fella lives in one of the northern territories of Canada. According to the net story (dubious at best), he took in this orphaned moose as a calf. Well he grew and decided that he liked the life he had. Evidently he's quite content to live at the gentleman's homestead and be put to work clearing land Funny in any case. Okay guys! Your turn
  7. That guy knows his stuff. Pankration is brutal, lots of manuevers that will absolutely destroy the body. I remember reading about one gladiator who was well versed in the art. He managed to puncture the abdominal cavity of an opponent with what we call in karate a "spear-hand strike", consisting of an open palm with the fingers togther, with the middle finger forming the point of the spear It would be fun to take pankration
  8. I found out about it over at redrampant.com One thing led to another and voila!
  9. Some more banner exchanges would be cool. Also, so signature banners and WFG avatars for people to use on forums would be cool
  10. Seeing as we are all ancient warfare buffs here on the forums, it must be asked: has anyone seen the latest sword and sandal (not an accurate description, but the most immediate) film to be released: Pathfinder? I've heard mixed reviews. Some say it has pretty good action, while others say that is royally sucked from the get-go. It sounds like it would make for a fun rental at the very least, but as for seeing it in theatres I've heard otherwise. Anyone seen it? Yay, nay? It looks fun and good action is always appreciated, but I want to know if I should blow a few extra bucks at the theatre or what for it to show up at Blockbuster.
  11. Very nice Tim Neat, trim, easy to nagivate, not to mention looking quite professional. How long did it take you to build?
  12. Evidently this appendage belongs to a vet who was working on the crocodile and did not adequately sedate or restrain the reptile For those who are wondering, the zoo staff managed to get the arm back and its owner was reunited with it after 7 hours of surgery. Supposedly the crocodile was not killed.
  13. LOL all cool Scipii Coming down off a couple weeks of assignments and such myself.
  14. LOL Gioi is in town Welcome to the forums!
  15. Definately, the Romans of the time did not have the military tactics and systems required to defeat a phalanx. They were used to fighting light, fast moving armies such as those of the Samnites and Cis-Alpine Gauls. History would have been significantly changed to say the least.
  16. Third year is where the fun stuff begins Get to specialize a bit.
  17. Welcome to the boards Tycan/Pandar Some very impressive animation there! Are you interested in an art position of some kind?
  18. Personally I don't know what writings exist Alexander's plans on Italy, but I do know that some scholars believe he would have. The Romans would have been the closest major military opponents of Macedon at the time. Sure they were a minor regional power at the time, embroiled in wars with the Samnites, but already they had a reputation for warfare that extended beyond Italy. Alexander couldn't have turned down the challenge
  19. It is a future memeber of my DVD collection and probably the one I will use to one day show off my dream theatre system
  20. Maccabeans could be interesting in the sense of guerilla fighters, although they might be too limited to actually make a functioning side out of. Would make a good set of campaign units though Kushites would make a great addition to a Bronze Age pack, along with Mycenaeans, New Kingdom Egyptians, Hittites, and Sea Peoples. Lots of fun there Would be a little bit out of the scope of 0 AD at present (focusing from 500 BC to 500 AD) but truly the possibilities are endless I would love to learn more about the Kushites. I believe you are referring to Saitic Egyptians, Abadu? The Delta Kingdom would be fun to research as I know almost nothing about Egypt at this time, beyond the fact that they kept getting walked on by everyone would tried to invade them: Babylon, Assyria, Perisa, etc etc. Would be fun to see exactly what could be done there.
  21. Maurya would be a cool civ to add in. Elephants and archers, plus men armed with the Indian style "broadsword". Would be a fascinating side. Scythians are a side I would personally love to insert, along with the Sarmatians. Interesting people with a rich society and some really funky burial practices Not to mention great takers of scalps. Germanics and Dacians are in for Part II Han China would make an interesting counter to Rome! Wouldn't settle anything in the recently heated "Rome vs. Han" debate raging on certain areas of the interenet, but it would make for an interesting counterpoint to totally European centered tactics and units. I'm glad someone suggested Pontus That would be a fantastic side to play, and who knows? All things are possible
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