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  1. Hey! Good to see you back on the boards John
  2. Welcome to forums! Where did you hear about the game? Got any hobbies or major pass times?
  3. I like it a lot Great work! Something to put in the downloads section of the website perhaps?
  4. Welcome dude Thanks for your kind words. Yeah, the Spartans have gotten us a lot of new forum members
  5. LOL Glad you liked it Ali It really went off the deep end when the guy described protecting the......posterior virtue of "many young boys", allowing them "to live normal, heterosexual lives" How about the part about the TOW missile incident?
  6. It has to be a prank, but it sure is funny. All about mall security guards armed with high-power rifles, anti-tank rockets, and armored golf carts to be better protect an uncaring public threatened with certain molestation at the hands of Chechyn rebels and Neo-Nazis
  7. Albion..... *drool* One day I will procure an Albion, but at present my funds are somewhat limited How do you like yours? No more Roman equipment at present, but I have my eye on obtaining a pugio in the next few months.
  8. So never fear, naked Celtic maniacs will have numerous chances to die on the swords of disciplined, well organized. and superbly trained Roman legionaries in 0 A.D.
  9. I know Monk is about a paranoid, phobia-wracked detective played by Tony Shaloub (sp?). Its a pretty fun show I'm with you, Øyvind, on what Psyche is exactly As for TV shows, I don't really watch anything religiously or even watch the networks that much. About the closest thing I could say would be Report on Business Television (ROBTV) and sports channels.
  10. No 0 AD for D/L yet, but there is a progressive public release coming up Do you have any links to a site for your game?
  11. Hey Saurabh! Great to see you! Glad to hear you are doing well. You say first game projects? What are the other ones?
  12. Well that sucks Oh well, anyone who wants a copy can just send me a PM
  13. Hola! Bienvenidos Franco! Como estas mi amigo? I speak a little Spanish here and there, although perhaps a little familiar in a typically North American way hehe. Glad to see you here You sound quite well studied, and WFG is always looking for talented folks to work on the game. How did you find out about the Project?
  14. Sounds awesome I for one would be happy to stand for an interview
  15. LOL That was strange but funny I'm flattered to be included in it! Sweet gladius, plus I like my pimpin' pilum
  16. LOL Same here Alex, you should have seen us chortle and chuckle as we came across every new fragment It was quite hilarious to discover such writings that actually flowed in some semblence of a story. At least three different people made their scribbles in relation to each other It was one of those surreal moments where you can almost see what has happened in your mind. I honestly couldn't believe our good fortune to have come across something like this
  17. Voila! I now present to you all the fruit of an overactive mind and a camera phone This will definately turn you off writing on anything public, at least with regard to such a personal matter. I present to you The Story of Ross! Comments?
  18. Wow! Thanks Scutarii That is a big help, for as we have said, the sources for the cultures of Hispania in English are few and far between.
  19. That could be done for the cavalry, since Roman and Macedonian cavalry were known to be able to fit on foot as well. However, implementing it would cause some troop class conflicts, but the future is wide open
  20. Wow! Nice work I'm no expert in modelling or texturing, but I am thoroughly impressed
  21. Extraordinarii were in fact infantry AND cavalry, drawn from the Italian allies that marched with Roman legions during the wars of the 3rd and 2nd centuries BC. They were seperated from the other men of the legion when in camp, billeted between the northern gate and the praetor or consul's tent. As a completely volunteer force, they had particularly good standing among the other troops and were often called upon by higher ranks to perform special duties. This included serving as the personal bodyguards of consuls and leading the army on the march. For our purposes in 0 AD, the extraordinarii is a member of the infantry portion of the force.
  22. Thanks Gylippus! In fact the Sacred Band is going to be present in the game as a campaign unit Additionally, in possible expansions we will attempt to bring the Thebans in as a civilization branch, which of course means the Sacred Band. Feel free to ask more questions and suggest anything that comes to mind!
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