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  1. yes i know...but you guys said that for sure you would not add myth units or myth creatures Myth creatures would at least link the best to the theme of the 0ad game....... if you would for example add lotr units or like for example Godzilla which was added to rise & fall or the forkboy in aom these units would not be very useable in scenarios...at least they would be something if you would create a funny or lotr type of thing but aside from that not very handy in other scenarios which are more situated in the time frame or around the time frame of 0ad in aom stuff like the lazerbear the forkboy are very funny but thats all they basicly are in for example swgb you had cheat units like the death star or a star destroyer which where also very good for using in scenarios but i am looking forward to the special units you guys will be cooking up for us.....maybe also some big crature models would be cool............so their models can be used for modding oh yes and some females.......any of those es or other games lacks pretty females.......I always wonder why there are so few female units in those es games........ really miss the girls ( ofcourse regi does compensate a lot but still .... )
  2. Say wildfire team i was thinking i just came from the IGZ forum and suddenly something came up in my mind IGZ is a matchmaking service for online gaming completly created by people from the rts hobby community......basicly the same as you guys do with 0ad well maybe both sides ( wikdfire and igz) could talk a little with eachother...............maybe igz can help with the multiplayer hosting of 0ad ? you never know they have build their service from scratch so who knows maybe it would be great if they can host also 0ad i posted a simmilar thing in their forums and as you guys are still developing aod maybe the expertise of igz could help in devining a multiplayer feature for aod talking will never hurt igz http://www.igzones.com/
  3. great !! well then basicly if you guys add this feature then you do not need to add any custom units for the editor at all lol it only means that I have to learn modding a little bit........maybe interesting also for me since i have not explored that field of hobby scenario design at all basicly this feature means that anybody can create a sort of expansion for 0AD which does not mess up the main game.............so 0AD can grow and go to any place somebody wants and people do not have to remove or replace stuff when they mod they simply add it as a kind of expansion.....awesome !
  4. He thats interesting Argalius Well this would also do the job.........and basicly is a very very interesting feature if oad would be able to wrap mods into a scenario/campaign and this mod would function like custom triggers in for example aom tt so not conflicting with the game on or off line then it would be a super feature It would mean that any other commercial game out there is owned bigtime when it comes down on custom scenario design & custom mods and it would mean that 0ad has virtual NO limits ............wow thinking about the possibilities already makes my mind go crazy Can someone from the 0AD developer crew confirm this feature ?
  5. not sure if somebody already said this but here also some ideas for special editor units...... as you can quess the suggestions are for mythlovers like i am Ofcourse the 7 wonders are important as mentioned before already i have seen in some posts a list which had also a header Misc Special Units so i think it fits in that part the units i talk about are not meant to be in the real game....but i see them as special units available in the editor.........would be nice to have them so yes Mythical creatures and heroes as many as possible some examples ( can be a lot more different with all these 0AD civs) living colossus.......could match the statue of the 7 wonders collosus but become alive just by a change unit type effect and turned into a playable colossus....huge large myth unit made from stone Hydra other greek myth creatures greek heroes from several time frames: hercules, achilles to Leonidas etc etc etc heroes for the other civs roman and other civ myth creatures some special magical effects ....i think you get what I mean some god units some mythical structures or at least elements to build some in the editor yourself etc etc etc well you get the point.........just some options to make also some more fantastic myth stuff with the 0ad editor. The creatures can function like stand alone units........so see them a bit like Titans in aom.........so not trainable in armies but just single units oh and yes....blood would be nice to have some blood splattering around....i think a bit in the direction of war of the ring...in that game blood splatterd around when units hit eachother in battle ( ofocurse since that was a commercial game there was this children option to switch it off in the options of the game hahahahahah) again above is just a suggestion.......but it would give the freaky lovers of fantastic & myth stuff , like I am, also some nice things to mess around with in the editor and at the same time, since it are just special units in the editor, it will not ruin the historical accuracy of the accual 0AD game...........the game will cover both groups....the historical reality lovers but at the same time give us freaky myth lovers also an option I understand that 0ad will be highly mod friendly.........but i suggest the above because of the fact that if these options are in the original editor it will be easier because a lot of people do not like to install mod stuff Best regards, The Vandaal
  6. Thanx for the reactions and the welcome guys @ Cheezy ah a new name LoL yes Oscar is still around. He is most active in my personal forum and basicly not really on HG.....counts also a little for me......... I am also less active on HG.....BUT both of us are still messing around with scenario & design stuff He thats a very nice desciption..thanx for taking the time to write down that info........i will quote it in Oscars thread over at my forum. And yes a good time choise....which makes me happy This sounds very good ! I hope it also gets cinematic features and stuff Sure.....well for private convos you can mail me any time ( vandhaal@gmail.com) and maybe we can meet up on msn Ofcourse you can also message me in my forum or here now you mention this something from the dark regions of my brain is bubbeling up...........I understand the game and time thing in oad..........but the editor can ofcourse go a little further.......it can contain things which are not really in the acual games...........lol i think it is clear what I am hinting at maybe in the end when the bulk of the game is done some of the designers can put some extra units/ buildings/ objects in that editor which are not part of the real game but can be used in custom scenario stuff..........myth stuff..........not like AoM but more like a single thing......lol but let me stop here because my imagination already goes crazy because it is flooded with ideas about this....but the editor and its possibilities can also attract people who like the more fantastic stuff over pure historical stuff ok thanx again for the welcome, the info and the reactions don't hesitate to contact me ( and do not worry if i react not right away.......i am always a bit busy ) Untill next time guys a btw its ashame that the Germans are skipped from the game lol they would have been very usefull to recreate other parts of the Nibelungen saga
  7. Hello guys & girls, I have been checking on this great project for some years now and finally registerd at your fora...better late then never hahaha The Spartans you guys have developed pushed me to hit that register button.......i love em Your stuff has come a long way and it looks and reads fantastic ! so awesome job to all who have helped getting it to this point. The Guys over at Dawn of Fantasy had asked me to help out on their rts game.....unfortunatly i did not have the time for it.......but its great to see that 2 of these mega developments are still alive and kicking. Ofcourse i know that Oad is a more historical thingy....but although i would love to see some myth stuff in it i think its much more interesting then the stuff released by ES ( Aoe3 stuff) and basicly also the other newer games. I am personaly a bit stuck with all these newer video games....... somehow they do not give me any sparkels...they just do not inspire me and my imagination.......lol and i get already bored when I look at their covers when i am in some video game store........ Oscar had already made a topic about Oad ( here ) but i will look if i can promote the stuff some more on my webbie or forum or somewhere would be nice if Oad could ignite again the fading scenario design community...or at least would be nice if a lot of people move into it when it is released As I understand you guys are building also an ultimate editor tool for this game right ? I also wonder how easy the game engine can be adapted to other themes .........( for example like Es did with AoK ---> Swgb) because if the base would be easy adaptable you guys can make all kinds of themes for it.......but ofocurse thats all future stuff Ok good luck with the stuff and i will be checking in once in a while
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