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  1. Ywhen I wrote "compilable on every disto" I meant it shold ve made compilable, not tha it would be compilable by it's nature as a source code...
  2. Whoa you gave it a nice touch And definatlely a nice collection. altough none fits on me
  3. I sign up. The problem is I am from Slovakia, central Europe - if thay don't ship here, disregard this post.
  4. Quite nice, only the horses seem to be a little low-polygoned... But I just love the hung roofs on the marquises (hope it's the right word:D) and also the shadows of the spears (but could you make the shadows genrally mor blurred at the edges? One question: what are system requirements at this point(i. e. what machine you use to make the screenshots at?)
  5. Sure you can, if 0 AD team agrees (as I used their material...) If you gonna work with it, add a frame to it, I forgot and now I am too busy to spend my time on it...
  6. Once upon a time, I tried Globulation, but I am the one to hate it, it does not meet my requirements to the RTS game, I like it medieval, like AoE2, 0 AD, Rise of Nations,.... But Glest looks fine this far, i am downloading the source code right now, so soon I am gonna rock (hopefully. It does not have to be a *.deb, source code is not that hard to comopile (and to be turned into *.deb if thet is what you like , BUT it might look like AoE2... one of the best games for Win ever...
  7. I ma gad U like it, I think the whole project seems to need some advertising, so I put this into my sig on every forum I am member in, maybe I will get you some help in making it, I personally am too lame to do so.
  8. Me either. Better a fully tested bug free games in winter 2015 than a a buggy piece of... software tomorrow. As Tycan said: Keep us informed. Thanx.
  9. Hey people, I created this simple animated userbar, my first one, let me know what do you think about it, team members: can I use it? I "stole" your logo and background (well, I stole everything I used ). If you like it (and if WFG team agrees) feel free to use it as your signature in forums ( do not forget to link it to this site) Cheers
  10. I envy you the possibility of playing AoE2... such a great game, one of the very very few reasons to regret migrating to ubuntu... And I did not even fonund any RTS for linux yet so I am really looking forward to play this piece.
  11. AFAIK you want to keep it closed-sorced, so porting it on linux will not be that easy, otherwise you could just release source code in a tarball, compilable on any distro of linux...
  12. Well, i am quite new here, too, and i have a question: You people are producing a full freeware RTS game, as a "hobby", for FREE? Just a bunch of developers? If that is the case, I am impressed.
  13. I do not even remember, although it was a few hours ago... Probably on some Linux-games server. But the game just looks so darn good, I cannot wait to play...
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