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  1. I got into residence here in Grande Prairie, paying roughly $335 a month Standard apartment rent for Grande Prairie is $1200 a month, so I'm one lucky tenant Come on over!
  2. I'll start it off -Tool set (now I can fix my own stuff, no urgent lack of tools) - Blackhawk Down DC DVD - Crank DVD (preordered) - The Complete Roman Army by Adrian Goldsworthy And beyond the gifts, the day was laid back, peaceful and relaxing. A day spent with family that was great fun. Many movies watched, from Take the Lead (my mom) to Ronin to Star Trek First Contact. A great day indeed. How about you guys?
  3. Quite an impressive collision to say the least. Clearly illustrates why the lance was designed to break in jousts.....and the obviously dire results that would have occurred had these men been using warpoints.
  4. LOL I'm caught up in the festive season Edited accordingly. Start early, by all means!
  5. The History Library has recently been updated with several excellent articles written by our own Joshua, detailing the major battles of Alexander the Great. It is rather fitting to bring these fine writtings into the limelight considering the Showcase featuring the Hellenic Heroes of 0 A.D. was released this month. Joshua has written excellent overviews of the battles fought by the Hellenistic world's greatest hero, including Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela, and Hydaspes. Again kudos to Joshua!
  6. December 19th is the beginning of the Roman holiday of Saturnalia. As such we are now required by Roman law to observe the festival dedicated to the argicultural god Saturn with merrymaking and general celebration. Although Caesar Augustus limited the Saturnalia to 3 days in duration during his reign, I hereby proclaim a return to the traditional Republican length of 7 days, December 19 to 25. So I now wish all of you on the Wildfire Games Forums IO SATURNALIA! Now by Roman tradition we are required to cause much raucous and havoc through our wild celebrations, fueled by large quantities of uncut wine, drapped in garlands and stuffing our faces with food.
  7. The Bronze Age idea has been thrown around several times Let's just say that I personally would love to do such an addon.
  8. Yep Phoenicians are the ancestors of the Carthaginians. They established Carthage as a colony some time in the 9th century BC. Lydians would be fun to do Germanics are in for Part II.
  9. Awesome work Makes me wish that I could justify a new graphics card.... but not in the middle of the school year.
  10. Most impressive! The technology works and now is the time to make use of it
  11. Hehe Rule one of any pressured tool or firearm: keep muzzle pointed away from self LOL
  12. Always another layer beneath the heroes of old isn't there? Wow Undo you are an amazing resource! I can't thank you enough for doing this of your own free will and spare time.
  13. Thank you kindly! This kind of stuff is unimaginably helpful to us Funny that we have no reenactors on the team, that would be an amazing resource to draw on.
  14. Ditto Brian, no kids whatsoever. And unless your girlfriend knows who/what Borat/Ali G is, keep her away This movie has something to insult everyone in someway. I saw it with my brother, my roommate, and another pal. The four of us were laughing incredibly hard. Great way to spend an evening if you are a fan of shock humor ala South Park, Trailer Park Boys, etc. Now my dad is talking about seeing it and I told him flat out I'm not watching it with my mom present To many awkward moments.
  15. I have no idea from a coding, implementatin point of view, but as for historically it was too rare a piece to throw in. As far as we know it was only used at Delium. And considering the other pieces of siege equipment the Hellenes get it would be just too much.
  16. Sorry Undo, Greek flamethrower/Boeotian engine is not ingame at this point
  17. Borat is perhaps one of the wildest movies I have ever seen and it had me simultaneously laughing and cringing. The Jewish jokes were particularly awkward, although Borat and his producer at the B&B had me rolling in the aisles.
  18. The match ups work something like this: Greeks - 5th century BC, with 4th century BC branches Persians - 5th century BC Romans - 3rd century BC Carthaginians - 3rd century BC Iberians - 3rd century Celts - 1st century BC, with branch going into 1st century AD In particular the Greek's main opponent in the game with be the Persians, while the Roman's will be butting heads with Carthage primarily. This allows us to focus on the Greco-Persian War and the Second Punic War, the most definitive conflicts of the classical world. As for other civs like the Diadochi, Marian Romans, and late Achaemenid Persians of the 4th century that would allow for some more accurate campaigns and match ups, please bear with us. There are some things in motion potentially.
  19. Email is probably the best option. If you could send it to Cory (Titus Ultor) and me at the same time, that'd be awesome Many thanks!!
  20. Any and all information that we can have on Iberians is greatly appreciated Undo! Unfortunately we are hard pressed to find English language sources on the topic, in particular Viriato and other great historical Iberian figures. We would greatly appreciate it if you could give us some new sources of information
  21. No they won't since we are looking to model them after the army that the Romans would have faced during the Gallic Wars of Caesar. So they will have a heavy reliance upon traditional cavalry rather than chariots.
  22. I did not know that. I know the Lusitanti were different but I did not realize that they were considered seperate ethnologically. In a rougher sense you could say we are crafting the Iberians as Spaniards, with Iberians being a far more appropriate word to describe them So like you say, Iberians as in those peoples living in the Iberian Peninsula.
  23. The Iberians were are talking about are the Spanish Iberians, particularly the full blooded Iberians of Portugal (Viriato!!) and southern Spain. We are not as keen on showing the Celt Iberians of the north, since they are just that little bit too similar to their Gallic cousins. We want falcata wielding caetrati so we can save the spathas for another civ that is far more famous for them It would be interesting if one was actually able to find enough information to make a civ out of the Caucasian Iberians
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