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  1. Welcome to the boards Darrin! A fellow martial artist I've been a practising karate-ka for 8 years. I see you enjoy combat arts just as I do. What kind of wrestling do you do?
  2. Here's a picture of my new pride and joy, the Pompeii gladius from Find-It-Armories. It is roughly 30 inches long and comes for a very reasonable price, well within the budget of a poor college student. Additionally the Find-It-Armory gladius is highly regarded among reenactors for its accuracy and manufacture. Although not nearly as tough as the Albion gladii, the FIA example is a great starting piece. More Roman equipment to come in the future! Sad part is that I haven't actually held it yet, so if you are wondering, it is my mother holding the piece. In a couple of weeks I should have pictures of myself with it
  3. Thanks Kenpachi! At present our animations and artwork are still in the preliminary stages and may very well change Stay tuned for such, as the game progresses!
  4. Weird They seem to work for me. Anyone else have the links not working?
  5. I gave my mom a phone call and said "I'm a lucky guy to have a mom like you. I love you!!!!" I'm cheap, but sincere!
  6. LOL Here's the very latest in the new line of DeWalt power tools! It goes well with this sweet ride Kind of makes you want to go shopping for some new stuff right now
  7. My friend Matt showed me this video over the weekend. Some of you may have seen it, others may not have, but regardless, its hilarious. I haven't stopped laughing since I saw it.
  8. Dead tie so far Usually call it Coke in my circle of friends, or cola. Pop is a close second
  9. Wallace? Where's The BRUCE???!!!!!
  10. Hehe Welcome Leahcim! What is left to be done on the Ford?
  11. As one of Croat descent, its cool to see them included here Sadly I know almost nothing about the equipment and tactics of the region during the 9th to 15th centuries.
  12. Seeing the picture of the two bucks going....uh.....at the doe.....errrr.....each other......reminded me of some of the big game trophy kill pics I've seen on the Net. Some of these have to be seen to be believed. Ala this moose, which has perhaps the most insane rack of antlers I've ever seen. Its a shame the guy had to go like this. Same goes for this one. Just how big do marlin get? BTW, that four digit number is the weight of this particular beast And of course an internet classic These pictures fall (except for the last one) into the amazing category rather than funny, but they are a blast.
  13. Who'da thunk it? I have a buddy who's a massive Superman fan and he's going to get a kick out of this. More of a Batman kind of guy myself
  14. LOL Gotta love All Your Base Are Belong to Us Chewie is getting frisky....
  15. Congrats Desmond! Way to go! Getting ready for next year?
  16. Eehhhh Silly city kids need to read more about basic biological process inherent to organic beings
  17. The one in blue is Samus from Metroid, while the one in black is a made up female version of the Master Chief, ahem, Master Chick Who else liked the pop dancing at the end?
  18. The greatest battle in sci-fi gaming: Master Chief versus Samus!
  19. LOL Gotta love it when one finds out little tidbits like that I know the guy who runs Redrampant.com (his name sadly eludes me) was quite surprised when I mentioned it on RAT.
  20. Very nice Looks like the WFG concept art for the Spartiate
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