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  1. You can garrison units without the need to click on the garrison button. Just hold down "Ctrl" and hover the mouse over a tower or something. The cursor then changes to a garrison one, and right-clicking sends the units inside.
  2. +1 to this, also I don't know if I speak for most of us, but i would rather have something like "Do you want to keep destroying everything?" instead of "do you want to leave?"
  3. I think the game must have a place somewhere in the options that allow you to configure all shortcuts for the game... and by all, i mean, whatever action that might be performed using the keyboard, should be customizable.
  4. I'm just wondering, since the population limit has been set to 200... is this going to be modifiable from some configure screen or something ? it's very frustrating to have a population limit, and it was something that i HATED from the AoE series... i understand that inreasing this number has some performance implications, but i would REALLY like to be able to modify this number if i want to, and if i know my hardware will be able to keep up...
  5. Yes, +1 to some initial techs. I would also love to have, a nice wall building system
  6. Thanks, but Windows is not an option
  7. Hi, i would like to contribute with the request for videos, but i'm not being able to record any. What program are you using for this purpose ? i'm trying "recordmydesktop" but when recording the game in fullscreen, it results in errors in the image. This does not happen if i run the game in a window, and the recording is fine. The only problem is that i get a major hit in performance if i run it in a window, so i need the game to be in full screen. If you are using recordmydesktop, is there any special parameter i should use ? My current system is Ubuntu Natty with KDE 4.6.3 (i already tried deactivating composite effects... problems persist) I can upload a sample video to show what errors i get.
  8. Are those the *only* options ? i would prefer the AoE 3 version, but without the large box... Actually i like a lot how it is done right now, with the small boxes in the upper section of the screen, just below the resources...
  9. can you provide further description on what you mean by "main icon" ?
  10. Hello everybody, i was wondering, how are you managing translations ? i'm fluent in both English and Spanish, and i would really want to help to the project at least with a Spanish translation. I tried looking for .pot or .po files under the i18n folder but i got no luck, any advice would be appreciated BTW, is there a "Spanish i18n group" or something were translators meet? or something ? Thanks, Franco
  11. Ohh... i didn't know that there were differences between british and american english in terms of spelling... btw, i'm not a natural english speaker, i'm from Argentina. ok, then, sorry for the post regards
  12. Hi, i'm just reporting a typo in here http://wildfiregames.com/0ad/page.php?c=46 where it says "civilisations" it should say "civilizations" regards, Franco
  13. Signing up too Franco Pellegrini Age: 22 btw, does it ship to Argentina ?
  14. great ! i was afraid i was not going to be able to play it when is out although i hope before 2008 i'll be able to buy an X2 with 2 GB in dual channel and a 8500 GTS By the way... 5 secs per frame in that quality you think is slow ? i don't think so... ok then... thanks for the reply... c ya
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