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  1. Ii didnt know that the arrow keys+ctrl could be used to rotate as well, wich is great! The problem was solved already... However i would like to use "a" for attack and so on
  2. Im currently using svorak* and it's hard to figure out wich key it is to rotate & move the screen. For querty users it's just "q" and "e" to rotate and "asd" & "u" to move, and the keys are focused on one spot. I have to search for the keys, and they are spread out all over the keyboard. The keys are the same but on different locations. My suggestion is to move the "camera" keys to the numeric square to the right, for example: rotation be "+" and "-" and moving "8-up" "4-lef" "6-right" "2-bottom". The "char" side can be used for stances and to build buildings, attack can be "a",
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