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  1. Threw your lego in the lake, why'd you wanna go do that for?
  2. Geez Randy, this is an introduction thread, not 20 questions.
  3. Ahh, come on Tim, thats not gonna do anything! Im gonna have like 7
  4. I think the lowest we (as in the great state of Minnesota) got last winter was - 30 something and -50 windchill. And the highets I remember was around 97 IIRC.
  5. I've never been to Texas, but I'd say that Minnesota has pretty shifty weather. Im most comforatbel in the 50 - 70, but I'm still wearing t-shirts when its 30 degress here.
  6. It would be Private Sub Form_Initialize() Text1.text = "Hello world" End Sub or just use the Print command
  7. Wow, they made the VB one about as long as possible.
  8. Sam


    You couldn't buy a bear with that much.!!
  9. Sam


    You will eventually use the currency to 'buy' things from a 'store' http://forums.wildfiregames.com/wfg/index....?showtopic=2865 http://forums.wildfiregames.com/wfg/index....hp?showtopic=98
  10. Besides, this is clearly the best.
  11. Just for that, if you dont mention it, I'll get Randy on you
  12. OK, theres been like 80 'the bests'..so which one is it?!
  13. Nice shield textures, you make those yourself? I could have sworn I've seen those somewhere! Oh yeah, there Ryan's!
  14. WFG Skeptic Industries GameDev AOM/AOK cplusprogramming vbaccelerator newegg
  15. Shut up, your same lame, you dont even know how to spell.
  16. You dont, nor have you ever, watched OC, now go away.
  17. Dont ever post in my birthday thread again.
  18. "dont put it out with your boots Ted"
  19. Im guessing its like that because a snowball could potentially "take an eye out" when smoking could just slowly kill you They even give smoking breaks at school, which I found to be hilarious. @Bobby: Do it the same day you boycott words! But then it wont be quietly
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