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  1. My biology teacher called me random. and my english teacher called me well read
  2. Ah, just finished the Lost Road and other Writings. Very, very good read. Now I am reading Beowulf for the second time, this time in middle english
  3. 150 more and i can change my name, better start thinkin now
  4. Because he is one of those kids that thinks he is the funniest people ever but in reality no one really likes him. But anyways he was all groovin' and stuff to the bad music he played(Mostly 70's porno music) and that sort. But he did play some fifty cent so that was cool.
  5. I voted for RTS mainly because of map editors, but otherwise it would have been RPG, Final Fantasy is my favourite game ever.
  6. All I remember is that the cafeteria dj at school is crazy
  7. Yes glad to see you here. And I always make calculator games for TI 83+ I would say the best i did is a really bad tetris
  8. Final Fantasy 9 and Conquerees mythology too but that got boring FAST
  9. when they take up more than one parking space, drive in the exit only lane and dont exit, drive really slow in fear of slipping on ice. thats a few
  10. Hey Jason. Glad you could make it here. Enjoy your stay
  11. Bah this website puts all of the above to shame www.homestarrunner.com go to the link on the bottom to characters and look at the poop smith and home star. the go to the link on the bottom to sb emails. Hilarious
  12. Welcome to WFG and enjoy your stay
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