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  1. First met my girl at a weekend ROTC camp, I made her do lots of push ups. SHE CAN DO ONE HANDED PUSH UPS. SCARY!! But i love her and i am just a little stronger than her so she cant beat me up, unless i let her, which i do. LOL!!
  2. I have 13 brothers and sisters i am the second youngest at age 18 and the oldest is 40. I have great relationships with my real brother he is turning 21 in 2 months alright . As for the rest of them i hardly see them they are all half and step brothers and sisters.
  3. FAMILY GUY may be started up again in 2005 in the mean time, the re-runs are on cartoon network INUYAHSA starts after FUTRAMA. All of those are the show i watch. Oh Yeah almost forgot THE CAPPELL SHOW. hilarious
  4. INUYASHA!!! That stuff is awesome. I only to get watch TV at night (well morning) so nothing good is on.
  5. I drive a white 89 Trans Am GTA. That is my baby, she has got a 5.7L 350 with a chip and custom made exhaust (made by me), which is illegal but dont tell anyone. It is fully loaded with everything except T-Tops, thank goodness. It has 80,000 on it, only becuase i drive 800 miles every other weekend to see my girlfriend. It gets 23 mpg yeah hard to believe but true, i think something is wrong with it. LOL. Usually gets like 16 in town and 19 on highway. .
  6. HAHA! I dont have to get up until 10, all my classes are in the afternoon. College Rocks. The only thing i dont like about in college is CHEMISTRY it is very EVIL. I just want to destroy every chemistry class. It is good being at college becuase you get to party alot(that is if you want to) . BUT OF COURSE I DONT . Plus i get to be away from my parents but still get to spend their money. YAY!
  7. Hey that stuff works. My room mate did that to one of his Engineering Exams answered only 2 questions out of 10 and for the rest wrote down funny stuff. The professors gave him a C which is good most people dont my C's on the exams.
  8. Physics is awesome one of my favorites. College course isnt all that great but it is alot more fun than anything else plus we get to build stuff like bridges that hold up four people and rubberband powered tractors and all kinds of cool stuff. YAY for Physics!!!!!!!!!
  9. Well since i am going to college to be a engineer science and mathematics are my strongest subjects. I am terrible at english becuase I cannot write complete sentences and i cannot spell.
  10. Anarctica because it is very cold, very dry, and very far away from civilazation. I would like to go back in time and see the world before we started destroying it.
  11. reminds me that i have to chemistry FINAL to study for thanks. I should be studing.
  12. Montana. It would be awesome NO neighbors nothing for miles except you and some cows. You would be able to rider four wheelers dirt bike or whatever for ever and not worry about getting in trouble for tresspassing. I think it would be awesome.
  13. Which is the best programming language? I am asking this question because here at college they are offering free computer training class. They offer alot of cl asses and i was wondering which would be best to take C++ or COBOL?AND WHY? I would appreciate any answers you give.
  14. That is amazing great work. What software do you use?.
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