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  1. Hello, A few months back i looked at the 0ad site and read about the project. Part of the website described civ bonussus (i thought) and resources (those 2 im not sure off) but im sure it mentioned how units would upgrade during the game. unit with a lot of kill silver star back to barracks for upgrade. that kinda things. I cant find that info on the new site Where did it go? i think you guys took it offline.. why? Thanks for answering.
  2. Hi, Im Jasper, im from the netherlands and im 24 yo. Almost getting my bachelorsdegree in watermanagement. I have always been interested in history. ( i love the comic of Frank Miller about thermopleae (Frank Miller's 300 by Dark Horse Comics), i can recommend it to all fans of ancient greece) I stumbled over this site after a post on either mrfixit or hg. I like the whole idea of 0AD and want to keep track of its development. Im sorry i can be of little help since i dont have any art/developing skills. im a huge fan and player of the aok game though and might give my opinion from time to time. Im considering donating money when i get my own eco back on track For now, please keep doing what you do till later
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